Optimize popular key word the result was experienced at 5 o’clock

Optimize a few popular key word, this difficulty is very big, I do not say a lot of stationmaster know, because every stationmaster may be Seo ace. They optimize their website not only by right of their knowledge, what rely on more likely is a Seo optimizes a group, but be not like popular key word cannot do. The individual talks about next results that optimize popular key word!

1, space and domain name

That is to say the domain name time of the website is longer, the weight of the website is taller, the space also is a reason with website stable rank. But not be to say the domain name jumps over good rank to had been jumped over, space and domain name are an among them reason only.

2, website content

To website content, a lot of stationmaster are quite familiar, content had better be achieved formerly. Well-known achieve an article to be opposite formerly the importance of a website, only the article in the website is achieved formerly for the most part, the rank of the website just is met stabler.

3, the link resource of the website

Through old Seo experience result, understanding arrives when doing Google to optimize, the link is very important, google spider dispute often likes a link. Course of study of person of the same trade is as far as possible when the catenary outside adding and be high quality. How is the link of high quality? (1) the website of the link must be the website that Baidu and Gu Ge collect, do not collect do not add a link as far as possible (2) when doing friendship to link with course of study of person of the same trade, saw what go up with the website of the industry had added a lot of links, if added a lot of links not to become friendship link as far as possible (3) the PR of the website is worth, this need not I said more, any stationmaster knows the value of PR.

4, the structure of the website

The website structure that the spider of Baidu and cereal song likes is not identical, when the website is built, the structure should be done clearly, anacreontic. Such search engine can prefer your website.

5, the assiduous degree of stationmaster

The individual feels of stationmaster also have very big concern conscientiously with the rank of the website, compete especially of this kind of incentive key word optimize, stationmaster should give centuple effort more. Resemble such key word, competitive rate is very intense, each stationmaster the competence with respective exert. The rank of a such websites often is very flabby decide (the individual feels is such, the reason is: A lot of popular key word in Googl are the rank is not stable) . Only you often pay close attention to your website, pay close attention to the website of course of study of your person of the same trade, analytic website leaves fluctuant matter on the rank. Such your website ranks will be better.