Optimize actual combat: Have optimized result to FLASH website

Core clew: This article is the result that undertakes to website of a FLASH SEO is optimized. Everybody can consult lower part law.

Generally speaking, common information stands, or the website with literal some more content, optimize it is easier to rise, because this kind of article is opposite for more friendly to the search, from the search angle looks, have content quite. But still have a lot of enterprise websites at present, this kind of website has a characteristic, it is a homepage very much perhaps important page, it is to use Flash to reveal entirely. Encounter this kind of situation, changing website content is unlikely, because a lot of traditional managers like bewildered namely, you and he says search rule algorithm says to be illogical, and these Flash that are as high as tens of seconds make cost also is very expensive, on the exterior very beautiful also, abandon impossibly. A few days ago I received a such little sheet again, so, to the website of this kind of pure Flash, how should be optimized?

This website is a common company station, but home page content has character of name of a bit company besides bottom outside, it is FlasH entirely, after be being optimized through SEO, the keyword is a professional name, not be very hot, the search is in as a result 300 thousand the left and right sides. Firm in the begining, baidu discharges many 280, GOOGLE discharges many 180, the GOOGLE after 8 days is discharged the first, the Baidu after 13 days is discharged the first.

Before this SEO is optimized, basically have the following problems:

1. home page is picture and FLASH entirely, besides bottom 10 come a character, more do not carry a keyword, the picture quality of column page is very great, cause whole station speed to surprise so slow

The keyword in 2. caption matchs not completely, of course your station is very arrogant, also need not match completely

3. this is a new station, just went up the line does not have the catenary outside what at all, inside cable length is very average also

4. does not have PR value, without discharge, without friendship join, dinkum 3 without the product.

5. although the website already was recorded by each big engine search, but the page with the foremost rank in be being searched, not be home page however the column page with a more character. Baidu last time is in 3 weeks newlier before.

Other still have a lot of little problems, did not list one by one.

This station if only the angle from SEO, not difficult, but those problems that say for begin place, should maintain originally beautiful, want to withhold picture and FLASH more as far as possible so.

Basically optimize a process:

1. analyses whole station structure and content first, preliminary understanding product, enterprise and industry.

2. has the reasonable position of the keyword, TITLE, , BODY, this place that add is added, the keyword in BODY undertakes a few formats are changed, increase thick put oneself in another’s position for instance, h1, head end two places are a key, the setting of make it of a few pictures of home page, so that insert a written language.

3. reduces weight to the website, contractible picture quality, increase ATL, home page decreases 200K more from 800K much, rate rises apparently.

4. interior joins: Modification crumble navigation, home page " column " content, change home page into the keyword, page part adds home page to join appropriately inside (absolutely method) , anchorage character uses a keyword, at this o’clock oneself hold, the individual is different to the experience of detail of the catenary inside these and view. The website of different type, need different type inside catenary.

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