Optimize a foundation: Website URL optimizes 10 detail that want a plan

The key that URL optimizes puts content on the page with tall weight namely, the weight that is various catalog below is compared.

The weight of 1) catalog

Although search a spider to be able to hold the page that takes 3 class catalog and above, but what the weight of one class catalog compares 2 level high is tall a lot of.

2) depicts a sex

Whole URL includes a domain name, catalog name and file name, below probable condition, appliance has the word that depicts a sex, especially catalog name and file name. Let an user see URL, can understanding this webpage roughly is what content.

The keyword inside 3)URL

Below probable condition, file name can put catalog name on a few keywords. Matt Cutts once had been alluded inside his card, the keyword in URL searchs engine algorithm how many pairs useful.

4)URL cannot too long

Although can consider to put a keyword in URL, but had better not to put a keyword, what renown file name gets a list is very long.

5) uses conjunction symbol

Name of the catalog in URL had better use – of conjunction accord with between file list word, do not use underline _ , also do not use other allow but very strange character. Conjunction accord with can be regarded as blank space processing.

6) English word and phoneticize

To English website, of course medium descriptive sex keyword has compared URL to write. To Chinese the website can consider solid use phoneticize. But comparative and longer word, not allow to understand legibly with phoneticize, this kind of circumstance falls or the proposal uses English word. Additional some people catalog name the character in be being put inside file name, perhaps have blank space occasionally, when such URL appears in browser address column, can turn a few encode into character. Although search engine to be able to differentiate, but look very ugly, do not suggest.

7)URL static state is changed

This is almost must. Fasten truer, do not argue what the URL that says to a lot of contain 9 question mark collects is very good. What can do is better very simple also, do not dress badly with what do.

2 grade domain name mixes 8) catalog

2 grade domain name appears inside Chinese website very popular, the reason is weight better than catalog ah.

9) size is written

Best and unified total use volume writes a letter in URL, big like Unix/Linux server lowercase is different processing, big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral is mixed with also cause a disorder via regular meeting.

The content page that 10) catalog turns

It is.com/seo.html so for instance, become Com/seo/index.html now the effect will be a lot of better.