Optimize 12 measure of commercial website successfully

One, choose good website theme, arrange a website detailed list of primitive key word

A key word is asked for to express to the colleague of the company or high-level management before doing SEO, enquire to them a few: If why searching engine to input key word,you are met. These problems liquidate key word detailed account to your early days very helpful, ask a few blame more the question of such of trade public figure as far as possible. Finish you can discover detailed list partial 2-4 may you want to think the keyword word group of the word to be less than.

2, draw detailed list of primitive key word, choose advocate key word and long end key word

We need to use a few key word to analyse a tool in this process, analyse the heat of key word and competitive intensity. At the same time the attention pays close attention to the commercial value of key word, consider these key word to whether be worth to spend air force to safeguard. Advocate after key word establish, immediately of long end key word must arise.

3, reasonable deploy key word arrives relevant webpage

Before the deploy of key word still abides by me, had said " webpage of Nielsen F appearance browses mode " , what ambitious shift needs here is, advocate key word may need occurrence 1-2 only in the webpage second, and long end key word may need 4-8, such advocate the repetition rate of key word is effective was raised, also won’t be considered as key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases. Finish can use GOOGLE advanced search to treat distributinging condition.

4, the catenary inside logical anchorage place is founded in webpage content

Include key word to contain key word to content link from webpage URL, should consider this issue in the beginning of the program is founded, the place of the detail such as TITLE of link of a few for example must appropriate processing. Key word thick substance or

Wait for the maintenance with reasonable label density is in 1.5% to 4% between.

5, refer a website to search engine to advance to link an examination all right