Optimal practice of Flash website Seo

Flash Seo is not the problem that often sees, make integral website with Flash, visual effect is good, but to search engine, flash is sightless, so Flash website does search engine to optimize difficulty very big, the method also has a lot of kinds. The adjustment that does because of need is very much, still need a website to develop the assistance of personnel, when so here suggests to rectify station Flash again, must consider SEO, is not the reentry after been do is revised all right.

Below introduction is current the most popular Flash Seo way, use JS(java code) among them, php language, AS(action language)
The data of below comes from a network.

The move of standard Flash Seo is as follows:

1. Use SWFObject method, see this continue again first please the 2nd pace

2. Make Flash supports deepness link

Use Php (or other Server carries a language) make with AS
/ Index.php? Such Page=contact link can be visited. AS may be as follows

It is quotative content below: If(Page! = Undefined){GotoAndStop(page);

Make label to the crucial frame of Flash, for instance Contact, about

Need the variable of the ‘page’ that is used in PHP at this moment, write Flashvar (SWFObject builds) in, code is as follows:

It is quotative content below: Var So = New SWFObject(movie.swf, mymovie, 200, 100, 7, #336699);So.addVariable(page, < ? Php Echo $_GET[‘page’]; ? > ) ;So.write(flashcontent);

3.Do Google Sitemap, these independent URL that before joining, build

4. Trends replaces content

Arrive in front till a few paces, replace content to be in the Flash that browse when can keep changeless. Make the content page that matchs with Flash page correspondence even now. Need us to write code, when making the user enters different crucial frame, replace content to also produce change, otherwise all before the page of the definition looks in SE is identical content.

Trends reads those who take the Flash of Xml to do trends to replace content simpler, if be of the static state, so the content work in safeguarding Php and Flash is more. Want those who notice trends to replace content to may be searched nevertheless engine regards Cloaking as, must maintain Flash and the content in replacing content to agree. How to allow content change, is dynamic content? Dynamic content is difficult collect.

5.To replace content to add inside catenary

Google Sitemap is very good, but safeguard rise very tired. More effective method is a Flash medium link turns those who be Html format. We can use XML documentation to describe every Flash page normally, turn its next for Html format, the format of Html of link make it in Xml. Came here to finish the website of Html Flash correspondence.

The page refresh of 6.html means, network address is collected

Identical link URL is used in replacing content and Flash, so Contact pushbutton is clicked in Flash, the network address of address column also is changed at the same time, such every pages can be collected, and Movie can defend existence cache in. AS code is as follows:

It is quotative content below: Contact_btn.onRelease = (){GetURL(Index.php? Page=contact);

Use JS also can achieve such result, but may not every browser is OK.

The Flash Seo of such one a complete set of finished. Of course, use even go up to optimize a method commonly, following:

1.In label (Keywords key word, deion is described) in contain the most important key word, the person that visit cannot see the content in label, but search spider can be read however take, but engine of a lot of searches begins oversight label now, rely on this merely so insufficient still.

2.The link popularity that increases Flash website is spent

1) choose PR value to be more than the website catenary of 4 to enter as far as possible;

2) key word is contained in linking text, the webpage that such search engine can know to be about to open is what theme;

3) refer the website catalog website, refer press release and release an article to wait, found one-way catenary to enter the link of the website for the website as far as possible.

3.Optimize good other to be not Flash page.

Build a few blame main page uses webpage form, be like about us, contact the page of means and so on; Do sufficient optimize those who reach the dependency to home page, will complement the inadequacy that home page Flash makes a station.

4. rectifies station content to do what content of Xml convenient other searchs engine to collect.

Use on the Flash Seo method of above, can saying is to do complete website search to all alone engine optimizes the job, optimize carefully excessive oh, ah!