Only support Google makes successful website inside 12 months

Core clew: This article was written Feburary 3, 2002, so far, this article still is acted according to to be Google to rank optimized Bible.

Believe many stationmaster had heard of stationmaster world (also have a plenty of break up to run the world for the net) this forum. This is the famousest stationmaster on the world people the place that collect, discuss all sorts of topics that concern with the website, include to search engine to optimize, network sale, the technical issue that the website builds, electronic business affairs is waited a moment.

The father Brett Tabke of stationmaster world, it is the character that searchs engine to optimize class of the pope in the domain. It is to often be used before him allegedly with the experiment the character of all sorts of cogged methods, of course he had given up evil and return to good now, at least apparently look such.

Some closer year, his card in stationmaster world is not very much, and very brief. But no matter his post what, often be chased after to hold in both hands. What involve an area because of the website that he manages is wide, he himself of the high-level character of company of each search engine that place meets personally and each big electron business affairs, and of his authoritative position in network world tall, make his word must be taken seriously.

He has a very famous implied meaning that optimizes about Google rank, caption is 12 months inside, only support Google makes successful website.

This article was written Feburary 3, 2002, so far, this article still is acted according to to be Google to rank optimized Bible. All without exception of expert of engine of all elder search is right this article praise highly times to, and Brett Tabke also states haughtily for many times, had calculated 4 years of time, had gone through Google for many times to update the change with Google algorithm, it is good that his this Google rank optimizes article or it doesn’t matter those who alter.

I was searched simply have Chinese translation, did not find actually. Likely also of course somebody was translated, and I was not found. Nevertheless, this article is too serious, all people that are interested in search engine to rank must be read. So I come out interpreter wanting a place to consult for everybody here.

Article interpreter is below:

Let us jump over theory to look to be opposite actually the method with effective Google. I know this system below is right for Google, every time is significant, and effective to all keywords. When I do a website to the client, this system is used, and 100 try accurate. Successful rate also depends on of course the industry that the website is in, potential market and competitive level. The point below can make you mere rely on Google, in time of a year, make a successful website.

A) preparation works and build content.

Before you register a domain name, you should record the opinion that issues you, should prepare enough the content of 100 webpages. Asking an attention is at least. These 100 webpages should be true content, is not link page, about our page, contact us or copyright statement is waited a moment miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the webpage of 8.

B) domain name.

You should choose a domain name that builds a brand very easily, what you want is, is not The domain name that is full of a keyword should be discarded, the knows with easy argue domain name that builds a brand easily just is best.

The keyword effect that includes among the domain name special now small. Why is incognito for, that incognito I had been seen, one of the boldest strategy. This incognito strategy destroyed the brand that a few years time place builds.

C) website design has been jumped over simplier.

The proportion that an index is literal content should be more than the proportion of HTML format. Whole webpage should standardization, it is normal to should show on all browsers. Make it accords with HTML3.2 standard for instance. Search engine spider is returned and do not like HTML4.0 level too.

Should be far from those too heavy elements: Flash, dom, java Script. If you must want to use these script, come to them use as exterior file. Look in me, not was necessary to use these things at all. These thing barely grace to a website, meet however the performance that huge hurts a website from each respects (search index props up friendly problem is only among them one of) .

Arrange your website with logical way, the keyword can be used between catalog name. You also can use additionally one kind of method, put all webpages between root catalog namely (this kind of method sees rarely, but factual proof is first-rate effective method) .

The website load one’s writing with fancy phrases that does not let you the thing with one trashy pile, what to use e.g. the proposal what browser, or tally is waited a moment, make it maintains most simplification, specialization it seems that. Learn to him Google, see his homepage, do not have a law simply again simple. This also is people place need.

Speed is not one of the mainest factors, however only main factor. Your webpage should be very fast, if your webpage is met delay time 3, 4 seconds, you were finished. The country that if your lead plane and caller are in,differs of course, 3, 4 seconds still have feeling but former, to local caller, the 3 download time that arrive 4 seconds had been the limit. Exceed this time, every many seconds, you can lose the discharge of 10% . And the dividing line that this discharge of 10% may is success and failure.

D) webpage size

Yue Xiaoyue is good, had better maintain it is under 15K. Yue Xiaoyue is good, had better maintain it is under 12K. Yue Xiaoyue is good, you had better maintain it is under 10K. You understood my meaning. Bigger than 5K, be less than 10K, this is best. Accomplish very hard, but it is the most effective however. Effective also to searching engine, effective also to caller.

E) content

Build one page everyday the 200 webpages to 500 words. If you do not know what to should write, do bit of keyword to investigate, the popular keyword that gets according to you next writes an article.

F) density, the position is waited a moment

Simple and vintage SEO, your keyword uses in these places: Webpage caption, show ticket, text caption, network address URL, boldface, inclined body, of the webpage most begin. Keyword density uprights at 5% to 20% between (also fasten too care about) . The article that has drawn up, and check misprint. The spelling is checked (to Chinese, examination misprint) becoming more and more important. Because search engine to had begun to handle function of automatic error correction, can have not written the excuse of wrongly written or mispronounced characters so.

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