Online search already became normal company law of all directions of negative information processing

Core clew: How to go handling these negative news, the company that allows oneself establishs good figure on Internet, ask SEOer to maintain just state of mind when handling negative news.

As the tendency that Internet develops, also more and more people are depending on Internet. Guest of the invite applications for a job on network education, net, rich and get online shop, of electronic business affairs trade etc with Internet be closely bound up. Get online shop, apply for, trade wait to be able to use search engine to search name of company name, product to know this company or the product has negative content, lest be decieved, thereby the figure that the many negative news existence on the network affected a business and the following development, the enterprise should pay attention to this. Elegant demeanour tells everybody how to handle these negative news here according to raise, the company that allows oneself establishs good figure on Internet, ask SEOer to maintain just state of mind when handling negative news.

1, extruding processing:

Extruding processing technique is one of methods with the most commonly used SEOer, at present people more and more depending on search engine (be like: Baidu, Gu Ge, Yahoo) undertake information is searched. All alone company name is searched on engine in search when this enterprise or when brand name, appear much negative news (be like: XX cheater company, XX company is legerdemain of cheater, XX, XX destroy the) such as false medicine of look, XX, these got badly to the development of the future of the company and brand image affect, SEOer can help you solve afore-mentioned problem.

SEOer is used from already SEO technology, negative news extruding is from the back, drop openly information the home page that searchs engine, shape the image of the enterprise afresh.

2, search related purify:

When information content is searched in searching engine, the lower part that searchs a page has the column of a relevant search. If the word of negative news appeared in the column of relevant search. Affected the figure of the enterprise, SEOer can help Baidu of your take out, Google, Yahoo search the keyword of medium relevant search.

The search is to searching engine crisis fair the central Shaanxi plain to get be used extensively related extruding processing, purify, help enterprise solves negative news on search engine.

3, legal processing:

Appear when the enterprise when much negative news appears in large portal website (like: ? Baidu of? of  consult Zhen knows / stick, 21 community, sina / the) such as Sohu, group of search arteries and veins uses legal knowledge, undertake effective network obtains evidence (like: ? ?IP of ト of a surname Feng is judged / intercept) page of information of as cleared as requirement of attorney office collaboration page, benefit use statute goes carrying out.

4, violent processing:

Violent processing technique is the method that does not suggest to use, the technique that requests the friend on the hacker to use them namely goes handling negative news. This method is the website that is aimed at stationmaster of a few medium or small, individual, after through the lawyer processing method won’ts do, use this method processing. (Not necessary when elegant demeanour suggests to be not used according to raise)

Everybody sees right now SEOer feels useful part is very large, we can help the news with enterprise negative take out, undertake public relations is handled searching engine crisis, the SEO skill that we master has been close friends use, proposal SEOer maintains just state of mind forever, go doing search engine to optimize.

At present with respect to above a few kinds of processing techniques, welcome everybody to discuss together.