One of series of search engine sale open veil

Want to open the veil that searchs engine sale, what we see above all is search engine sale:

Explaining according to the definition in WIKI is:

Searching engine sale English is SerchEngine Marketing, logogram is SEM, it is the mode of sale of a kind of network, its purpose depends on popularizing a website, increase famous degree, through search index props up returned result, will obtain better sale to perhaps popularize channel.

From the meaning above we are analysed, its popularize search engine sale namely constitutionally website and increase famous degree. Actually from set out actually, have diverse demand to different site, have commonly below 4 kinds of demand:

Brand demand: This kind of site basically is not with popularizing some to plant the product is given priority to, hope to use the content of site itself however, perfect the system of whole brand and service system, a few newest product line that borrow this platform him promotion or some kind of model, resemble such IBM, NIKE site, of the figure that its itself is a brand reveal, also need site itself to obtain a complement that serves a system, he won’t with certain key word word or certain column will undertake deviation, the key that searchs engine sale is how to model better company image and the favour that gain more user, should OK on means it is to put in what advertisement, user evaluates to reveal, of product category reveal and return in search engine result reveal efficiency goodly to wait.

Its characteristic is: Integral feeling, consequence stability of diversity of abiding, gimmick, structure, cost demand of tremendous, personnel crowd of big, action is extensive.

Figure demand: This kind of site its basically are with figure advertisement is given priority to, basically be according to the product some is planted function or its characteristic, the quantity is made personally, have cannot duplicate quality. Its goal is simpler, the gives priority to with figure product of same property and different characteristic is had in making nonexistent before congener perhaps product effectively quickly, extend product line according to its figure definition next. Move for example flying letter, use feeling belt this kind of site, as a strange thing, need short time to obtain many target crowd. Specific aim of this kind of target is strong, pattern of search engine sale is so mixedder: Put in advertisement, put in characteristic of flexible language, product to reveal, in whole sale strategy, pay attention to effect sale.

Its characteristic is: Essence of fast, fixed position sex of strong, phase mixes sex of accurate, hype rhythm feeling, cost is big.

User demand: This kind of site its are main with the portal on Internet, concept stands now wait for link up with. Notional station is like popular now WEB2.0 site: Blog, Wik, Online Video, this a series of sites need to accumulate an user, strategy of these sale of site search engine are simpler, means basically is: Search engine is optimized, put key word word on advertisement.

Its characteristic is: Cover extensive, result feeling of abiding, rhythm strong, investment is small, get effective quality of personnel of rapid, requirement efforts of tall, group.

Sell demand: This kind of group is centered in class of medium and small businesses, main purpose is to raise the sale, pay that reduces cost, enlarge company force, extend enterprise vivosphere. Purpose sex requirement of stronger, time is dear, pay attention to cost control and investment redound to compare. Search diversity of engine sale gimmick: Put in engine of advertisement of key word word, search to optimize, flexible language puts in, of satellitic site build, site of service of form a complete set is built, the organization of article table.

Its characteristic is: Effect essence requirement of the computation of accurate, investment and return rate, personnel is sex of little, phase, permanent quality.

When does integrated above search the demand of engine sale, can see, itself of search engine sale spreads out around search engine, all jobs are for sale purpose those who will have strategy is custom-built, can say, sale purpose decided to search engine sale strategy, executive method, the budget is waited a moment, this also proved search engine sale just is a branch of sale domain, should wait for in light of combinative whole sale, is not isolated. Of course, also give search engine sale to enclothe a face to reach its to be mixed extensively from lateral report extremely strong specific aim, the diversity of gimmick, the content that can expand here is rich.

The language after the section: Those who search engine sale is arisen what optimize with search engine is hot, see the person is SEO now, SEM, seem to leave these terms, IT personage should be endured really kicked, very glad to see increasing person is engaged in this, small roc also leave constant communication with line of a lot of people, in with everybody share in acquired a lot of valuable experience and skill, here should thank all friends that are without reservation with me and colleague first. Wanting to keep a whole technological process and theory is the one share that I consider to perfect him knowledge system all the time really, all the time very busy also, oneself are lazier also. Take out a few time recently, the hope completes series of article of sale of whole search engine.