On any account stands now: Chinese search engine optimizes personnel a few level

Core clew: Kyw is contacted with various SEOer everyday, had oneself judgement to of all kinds SEOer gradually, in a few grade of the SEOer in Kyw heart saying for this.

SEO abecedarian:


1.The SEO article that has read seriously does not exceed 200, did not read the SEO rich guest of other or teaching material patiently. Know the fur of SEO only, just change to the understanding of SEO change TITLE, META to wait.

2.Optimizing a method to what mention in the tutorial is completely complete execution, do not have decent to hold.

3.Be alled alone by search engine is dominating a sentiment: Collect be depilated or more the rank dropped a rank to be at a loss with respect to joyful; .

4.Often ask similar website the rank disappeared how should do? How has not been my website collected? Why is the station rank of others higher than me? The problem of and so on.

5.The age slants small, idolatrous SEO ace.

Estimate an amount: The whole nation 10000 the left and right sides.

Kyw wants to say to you: Begin to carry out, the edge reads an article in great quantities by the side of practice, do not be afraid of read do not understand to be afraid that you are not read, study wants patience, SEO basically relies on self-study.

The SEOer of 3 lines:


1.Had optimized rank of a few keywords successfully, but the ability to oneself somewhat overmeasure, talk a hero in order to rank with discharge, love to show off.

2.With the keyword the rank is major servicing, side client does what content has noticed when optimizing to strengthen, but still cannot leave group of fit fraud.

3.Have oneself station, but did not hold to observation, experience and comprehend too much to searching the disposition of engine to do not have, after encountering new issue, be at a loss.

4.The website optimizes a trace apparent, often excessive optimize.

5.The likelihood has his SEO rich guest or website, but achieve scale formerly too small, care rank and discharge particularly.

Estimate an amount: Countrywide 200~300 between

Kyw wants to say to you: Not by group hair stemmed your thinking and eye shot, modest very important.

The SEOer of second line:


1.Skilled to SEO apply, take website content seriously, have to oneself ability know and evaluate correctly, can carry on whole station optimizes a project.

2.To each search engine has long-term observation, and have deep experience, although encounter new SEO issue to also can be answered leisurely, do not need to consult another person.

3.Have oneself SEO academic system, of guest of Chinese SEO rich start main force formerly. The article is reprinted everywhere, search SEO can have found them.

4.Begin to comprehend higher politic level. Begin to reject improper SEO project.

5.The website is optimized very natural, the keyword chooses to have strategy.

Estimate an amount: Countrywide 50~100 between

Kyw wants to say to you: Brother, does hunt head of Alibaba look for you? This group of people suit big website most or traditional industry stands (stand like drift net of hospital website, content) in-house and responsible SEO, come they long to have space of larger put to good use, 2 come the website need not assume exorbitant salary expenses.

Friendship reminds: The station that does not view those traditional trades does not how, but what the pay that they open comes generally than Internet company is tall.