Often read Chang Xin Baidu not to collect 14 reasons of your website

1, the webpage uses frame (Iframe) , those who include Baidu inside so search engine is fed up with frame.

2, the picture is too much, text version is too little.

3, apply the webpage that Flash, DHTML, Cookies, JavaScript, Java is made or the password enters in great quantities, search engine is planted very hard from this content of the extraction in the page.

4, refer too too frequent: Above is referred 2 times inside a month.

5, website keyword density is too big: Unfortunate is search engine and explaining much higher density is the limit, think to 3-4 is contained in the description of 100 words commonly the keyword is optimal.

6, text color follows setting shade same: Search engine thinks you cheat it in keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

7, dynamic webpage: The content management system of the website went to the lavatory the webpage is newer, all alone to major search engine brings a trouble however, engine of a lot of searches not collection trends page, or page of collection ground floor, won’t be down thorough collection. Want those who consider use WEB server to rescript at this moment (Rewrite) technology, the Url map dynamic page becomes the form with likeness of static page Url, searching engine to think by accident is static page, with respect to meeting collection.

8, free website space: Some search engine reject index to come from the website of free space, blame a lot of rubbish, quality is poor.

9, the website when searching engine capture is not online: If lead plane is not stable, appear likely this kind of circumstance. Worse is, although the website has been collected, the discovery when new capture is not online, still meeting general website is whole delete.

10, held back Robots index website erroneously: Two kinds of methods may hold back Robots, label of some kind of META is contained in there is simple text file, webpage below the root catalog of lead plane server.

11, used change direction (the webpage jumps turn) .

12, search engine cannot analytic your DNS: The time ability go into effect of 1-2 day needs after new domain name is registered, because this did not register a domain name,refer a website immediately.

13, the link of the website spends extensively too low: The link is spent extensively too low, search engine finds you hard, want to consider to log onto the website to famous classification catalog at this moment, or become link of a few friendship more.

14, server rate is too slow: Network bandwidth is small, webpage download rate is too slow, or the webpage is too complex, bring about search engine possibly to still do not have search to pause to text content.