Of the search is the website that provides information it is important to derive catenary is connected

The person that discover the website architect of a lot of China and promotion these days has a very big error, it is cherish link is like gold, very be afraid that the website from oneself links other website.

Should say this kind of concern is needless. Below a lot of circumstances, linking the likelihood on other website painstakingly is harmful. Of course what I point to have logic, accord with what the user needs to derive link, is not to sell a link to give other irrelvant the website, perhaps be without logic, desultorily catenary receives other website.

Those who cause this error is very big a reason is it seems that, a lot of stationmaster are afraid that catenary receives other website to be able to produce loss of webpage level PR. Go up from theory for, derive the link does not affect the PR value of this webpage. Any is given the PR value of URL, be worth a decision by the amount of retrorse link and the PR that cast, with derive the link has nothing to do.

Of course if must haggle over every ounce, derive the link also can be in very small the PR value that current page affects on very small degree. Go up e.g. the page much a link that points to other website, so your point to same the PR cost that the in-house link of a website passes, can reduce somewhat. And on yourself’s website other the PR cost that these webpages pass a current webpage again also can be reduced accordingly.

But, the PR value of place loss is to comparative here quite small. Because be on a webpage, can have a few links normally, the loss that many link causes is quite small.

Still have more reason, you should link to other website:

The essence of 1) Internet exceeds a link namely. Did not have a link, did not have Internet. If everybody is not linked,go out, the website became each Gu island, also be without a meaning. This kind of spirit and essence won’t disappear forever, also be to be able to get searching engine forever valued. If your website did not derive,link, that is a very strange thing, also can be suspected probably.

2) is in element of search engine rank, the anchorage character of the link or link character also are a of the rank main factor. The keyword is being included in the link is one of main factors that optimize inside the webpage.

3) points to authority one of in deriving link itself searchs engine to rank namely main factors of relevant website. The importance of this one element is returned before in 3 years two very faint, also be not known by people place. Now this factor can find, although search engine,did not affirm this.

An apparent example, after Florida is updated, in the search result of Google, appeared to classify catalog website in great quantities, include Yahoo and open catalog to wait. These classify the essence of catalog, it is many link points to other website. These classify what catalog website ranks to rise, should be Google the evidence that derives the value of the link improves a beyond the mark condition.

In 3 two months after Florida is updated, google did certain adjustment. It is probably derive link importance is moved low, just make these catalog platoons arrive from the back. After all what people searchs to search engine is the website that provides information, is not to search other search engine and catalog. (Diyfzl.cn)