Of the domain name of SEO fan

Of the domain name of SEO fan, I believe everybody knows. 3 of a website important combination are
1. Domain name 2. Website program 3. Space.

But what I think everybody should not know it is the most important to do SEO is a domain name. I am OK so say. A domain name has the rank advantage of an importance for new to website. (Remember. It is) of new domain name.

I why so say? I give you 2 options, I see you can choose that. 1, one just registered the domain name of 2 3 day. 2, one registered the domain name of near 2 months. So can you choose that? If I can choose my word,that had registered the domain name of 2 months.

Why? Because that registered the domain name of 2 months to had had particular weight, the subject that calculate and becomes a website is incorrect, but he still is having absolutely advantage than new domain name. The examine and verify that the 1 domain name that registers 2 months already passed Baidu period. And that new domain name has done not have Baidu examine and verify however period, can so say, that new domain name is to do not have what advantage.

But for the person that the holiday is engaged in SEO so. An old domain name is the advantage that has an important rank to the website really. If be not believed, everybody mights as well below the experiment. The domain name often has an advantage more more, true.