Of the description of tutorial of SEO of curassow careless root and copyright write a law

The first chapter chooses the self introduction when show the 4th times—Of Description write a law

Someone leaves cried: What is Description, bullying level of our elementary school is, the old article that write ocean at this moment, the hill Mu uncle with very great English appeared: Description, it is descriptive meaning

What does that have this to use? You regard search engine as in light of the pig, it saw your Title, saw your Keywords, still not be the main content of the website that understands you very much and major servicing, at this moment, you need to write a thing that resembles self introduction, will explain with it: My website, it is to do marriage celebrate, wuhan area. Resemble the most popular now anthology beautiful, primary election when, should come a self introduction of a few minutes? Everybody is good, I am Li Yu spring, very glad to join super female chorus from say this word begins, one elects beautiful giant star, be born gradually. Same argument.

So, how is Description written? The opinion of curassow, regard it as a word is written. A word of Title, it is to include advocate of key word, an individualizing word, a word of Description, be formality, state a word of the gender.

Marriage of Wuhan of <meta Name=Description Content= celebrates service network is Wuhan area is engaged in marriage celebrate a service, marry the professional marriage of the service celebrates service company / >

In this sentence, advocate call if guest puts forward entirely, this word should be: Wuhan marriage celebrates service network (subject) be (predicate) professional marriage celebrates service company (object)

This inside call sentential main force, included me to want to search the key word of engine: Wuhan marriage is celebrated marriage celebrate service marriage to celebrate service company, and got-up part of the sentence, used Wuhan area to be engaged in marriage celebrate a service, marry the service is decorated this. Appeared likewise Wuhan marriage celebrates service marriage service

Resembling is first time date is same, you should dress up yourself not only beautiful (Title) , the individual character that shows oneself and accomplishment (Keywords) , the first word that notices oneself even (Description) , had done these 3 hard only, date this, ability can say: Just begin! (pig eldest brother: I still do not have a girlfriend curassow: Long such, who wants you oh)

The first chapter I make the 5th my territory under one’s control advocate—Of copyright write a law

Before saying 3, the head that is website code optimizes strategy, so, we see website bottom what needs to optimize (everybody: Among among? Curassow: Come slowly, work so impatient)

Website bottom, what to put commonly? A Baidi says: I am general whats are put, curassow says calmly: Security personnel, procrastinate go out to hit. Generally speaking, the simple report of copyright and company information is next, so, does this place need to optimize?

My answer: Need, and very important! Why? The first, everybody knows, the key word of the page is more, search engine thinks you are taller to the weight of this key word. So, we besides discussing to add key word inside the page, a lot of people did not notice copyright message this virgin land oh, the 2nd, often wanting to search engine, what is is network sale more important? It is user experience, it is the company is revealed, so, this place must be written on the detailed address of the company, connect a telephone call, online QQ3 publicizes a function greatly, you want to remember, you are station of a company this, average company stands, rely on a network impossibly to become sheet directly, communicate below need line, so, the detailed editor of these content and reveal, to the enterprise have immediate effect.

So, websites of such a marriage, we how compose Where is its copyright information?

Of curassow write a law:

It is quotative content below:
Does the resolution that suggests to use 800*600 above put on record serial number: ? Date of Xxxxxxx of Zuo CP equipment
Wuhan marriage celebrates service network to all rights reserved Copyright 2006-2010
Wuhan marriage celebrates service network to contact means: 027-xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Firm address: Wuhan city Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marriage celebrate a service to seek advice from QQ: Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wuhan marriage celebrates service network is Wuhan area is engaged in marriage celebrate a service, marry the professional marriage of the service celebrates service company

Above all, write a gibberish, want an user to be browsed with 1024*768, reveal oneself next put on record date, him proof is normal and lawful site, it is good to strengthen degree of belief, the 2nd began AD, oneself say oneself to all rights reserved, carry a network address incidentally, the visual nerve of the person that browse falls with respect to concussion below can much impact.

The 3rd is mixed, the 4th, the 5th, connection means must be written complete, had better work 8 hours somebody undertakes advisory.

Last, duplicate your Description, stickup come over. OK, ended.

Somebody asks: That I but with be written casually? The answer of curassow is: Possible, but had better be the unity that wants two fields, it is business information reveals a function, one is key word optimizes a function, these two can be united rise, everybody’s style of writing, can draw up than curassow this still is close friends!

Good, above these, the convention that is a website is optimized, so, we look again, a website should all alone in search engine has good rank, still have what where needs to notice

Editor remarks: The curassow of article author make public, stand for Chinese stationmaster columnist. C

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