Of the content of the website and search be in love!

No matter be Google, baidu or Yahoo search engine are to encourage the article that achieves formerly, such everybody just can think your station has true content, very authoritative, however stationmaster people go where looking for the so much article that achieves formerly to perhaps be close to the article that achieves formerly.

The stationmaster that rubbish stands cannot be website content be achieved formerly in the round and rely on to collect will update a website. What how will increase him website is former achieve a gender, I have a few train of thought to offer center people think, the friend that collects completely is very useful also:

Baidu is used first when 1) adds content or Google searchs caption, look to whether have the search result that with oneself caption matchs completely, have change title. The beginning of article content tries with coda partly a few is changed. An article that achieves formerly came out. Why should change content from beginning to end, because search engine collects the description after,often be the part of from beginning to end of the article. For instance all articles are passed above resource station achieve processing formerly, inside Baidu the search is less than same title.

2) uses interpreter tool. Very simple, newer Chinese station looks for content on English station, english stands criterion conversely. Use interpreter tool interpreter to add a few to modify the content that became to be achieved formerly absolutely again. Do rubbish to stand to also need not be revised.

The article cross that 3) passes likeness of a few content and come.

Summary lays article point of view, what a website should maintain 30% above is former achieve content, next plus ceaseless newer ability the opportunity enters the benign loop of the website!