Of the action that friendship links big, be head and shoulders above our imagination

Core clew: Rich outside catenary, complete inside catenary is to make a station must.

Contacted a few famous and healthy websites actively these days, exchanged the friendship link of a few high quality, among them PR is of 5 have 15, PR is of 4 20 many, a week is less than after exchange, google discharge raises 3 times quickly today, and the webpage snapshot that Google stands newlier originally for many times everyday.

Think friendship link just uses those who raise website PR all the time before, what did not think of the influence to searching engine is such is big, its action is head and shoulders above our imagination! Explain again, because my website compares major, involve Morpheus and insomnia only this subject matter, did not compete with general healthy website, perhaps say to do not have conflict, so everybody is willing to exchange friendship link.

Still having a bit is the website is done so that still compare professional, beautiful, people looked to feel I am a person that does a station in the intention, cooperate gladly also, the beautiful rate of the website is very accordingly important also. Remind each stationmaster hereby, also want to be analysed attentively when doing friendship to link, do not do useless work.