Of SEO " the country surrounds a city " the strategy counterattacks quickly the portal stands

I consider city of rural bag encircle a city here need not be understood for me, do not know Baidu to know the search falls really, ah!

It is an example below, use as what draw lessons from only, if have the place with excellent barren, still ask stationmaster people great excuse:

Last year, I did a film website, it is an extremely common website, here was not carried, this piece can not be flexible language. , I used 2 words to become key word of Title of this station home page, xx free movies | Online and free movies, then I begin conduct propaganda, the catenary outside doing, this is simple, everybody is met, I with oneself other the catenary outside the high quality that the station with a few tall Pr offers, my website did not have a few days to be collected by each big search engine, this is the thing in my expect.

But the rank that I check Baidu, xx free movies is the first really, but Baidu index is basically 0, trashy the word that a person goes searching me to be achieved newly, I checked the rank of next online and free movieses again, my site is 380, the 38 pages that be in, basic nobody can find that desolate and uninhabited, bird not to give birth to the place of the egg. Check free film next the 1200th, I at a draught dizzy.

I think, how can the rank just go up, how can be I just discharged in thereinbefore of other and congener station? This is the problem that each stationmaster cares.

What this Internet competes nowadays is intense, can be imagined! Cannot compare with the photograph 10 years ago, today Internet the ground of this hiddden talents, the big bank note, premise that exceeds support of strong backstage supporter is done not have to fall on the hand, want oneself website can ride in those weathy portals in searching a result on station station head, be how to not allow easy thing ah! Can saying is an incredible story, more difficult than entering a day.

A day of my online idle looks, the rural area that saw Chairman Mao Zedong inadvertently surrounds urban theory:

The Chinese Communist person that is a representing with Mao Zedong is in the development road that in leading Chinese revolution to carry out, fumbles one when come out has Chinese distinguishing feature stage by stage and total strategy. Its are basic content is, chinese democratic revolution dominates in the enemy above all the country with weaker force, start farmer armed insurrection, build people army, establish revolutionary base area, revolution of armed fight, land, build political power to be united in wedlock, made building supports the strategic base of long-term revolution war. Rely on base area to gather development revolution force, arm as revolutionary war, people and the development of base area, cause a country to surround strategic posture of the city stage by stage, last capturing throughout the country wins.

I am thinking, probably in us small website, medium and small businesses also can use Laomao’s theory.

Although we did not think of to want to defeat Baidu, also do not have that ability, but can think method defeats other and congener website at least.

Then, I registered 150 Cn domain name at a heat (why be Cn, because of this petty gain) and sent 2 weeks to build these 150 stations, every station is very independence, stand to build fast, I stood every to use Cms program to do, rich guest also goes (at present a lot of colleagues that make Seo are using this method, the result is right also)

Next I found 500 motion pictures through inquiring; relevant statement, and for relatively common, competition ability index of small, Baidu (200 the left and right sides) calculate possible still key word, (This bit is very important, this also is an essential place of an article, namely Seo country surrounds urban strategy) , gift to every station respectively 2 serve as subject to 3 words, again next the job more gave or take a lot of trouble, every right station adds relevant content, tool of put in storage of an advanced capture was used here of course, the information of the other station in direct capture search undertakes article order is formed throwing into confusion automatically achieve data batch put in storage to come formerly I stand to every have initiative data stuff, still must undertake individual editor is arranged artificially additionally, the participle works. Such coming down, 150 stations shape basically;150 rural base area takes shape the person of the same trade that ours is eye covetously on; : Large flow website.

Why should be we done so can? Because we are on those popular words, we are the adversary that are them far from,

The first: They are rich, break an advertisement to be able to break way station of a person of the same trade dead to nod.

The 2nd: Their website is famous degree tall, website weight is tall, content is rich, update fast, netizens like.

The 3rd: They have a plenty of hand, the server is resourceful, search engine also can like such belle.

Good, return subject!

Does the country in Seo surround a city to you can become reality? are we ideal only? So below see us! Will be job of the catenary outside undertaking to every station, each other catenary next, spend to prevent the likeness of the website, we used not identical pattern plate to standing individually (the pattern plate of guest of Cms, rich is much is, ) searchs on the net, 150 countries base area passes elaborate education, sprout eventually grew, each are searched greatly collected these 150 stations formally in the round, it is to promote nice base area to develop a target as the key next, so that counterattack those who come greatly,prepare, to bad base area (site) undertake the word optimizes the job choosing again, what we should do is these 150 base area can discharge before be being searched a few, the word that chooses because of us (adversary) be some like Hu Han the landlord of 31 appearance arms, we must do them calm.

Because discharge the branch page that of our thereinbefore is some of portal website, those pages perhaps are very long the old page that just updates, having some of word probably is hill tall emperor’s far gully channel, cannot see the landlord arms (other big station) form. Of course we can be done easily decided.

2 months come down, we base area of these 150 countries blossommed and bear fruit eventually, every base area (station) commando (search discharge) reach 200 people basically (200ip/ day) above, such appearing we have 30000 much commando probably () of day of 30 thousand independent Ip/ , is adding common people 150 thousand much person probably (day of 150 thousand Pv/ ) how do we come benefit at this 30000 much commando? (Above just guards estimation, many searches engine collects meeting more)

What we should do is to use this 30000 much commando to capture small town (bit more popular word) .

Above all, we will be right we these 150 sites undertake discharge gathers together, must undertake them entirely division of a congress, such our ability establish larger base area (big website) , have 150 sites affiliation conspicuous advertisement, perhaps jump directly turn our advocate website, come so our film station discharge soars, add main root to occupy the ground (the movie stands) the commando of oneself (discharge) be in probably 40000 people (40000ip) left and right sides. , a larger base area (website) unpluggingly and case!

We explain in front, want to defeat portal station, must come true at this o’clock through long-term struggle ability, not be the thing of in one day.

Movie industry just is taken to come before us citing! And labor power is limited, take only build 150 sites to come citing. Want to be on the foundation of force of the nobody that do not have money, many base area must be established in each industries, will develop expand oneself. Gather together these little water finally great river. Final implementation country surrounds a city.