Of SEO: Snapshot of influence Baidu webpage optimizes the element of the rank

Baidu already grew to be the global search engine that has forestall advantage. Simple conclusion is, if your website cannot obtain good rank on Baidu, so your network sale strategy is failure.

Concerned research makes clear, the factor that affects Baidu webpage snapshot to optimize a rank basically is like below 3 respects:

1, Link Popularity

Domestic somebody interpret makes a link be spent extensively, it is Baidu uses judge the main measure of the value of a website. The link here includes website interior link, go out to link and enter a link repeatedly repeatedly, among them the most important is to enter a link repeatedly. The link is spent extensively taller, criterion website rank is higher. (this one element is influential to the rank of website home page and website whole, not big to the article page influence of promulgator. And linking the link that in be being spent extensively, indicates basically is the link that points to website home page, so promulgator need not undertake optimizing to the article in this respect. Meeting actively increases website manager the link of the website is spent extensively, in order to make website whole has very good rank. )

2, page headline

Searching engine choose a website through the keyword, and the caption of the website is the main destination that searchs engine to search a keyword – it is OK that you pass the search result that analyses Baidu very discover this clearly. Accordingly, of the article page that you must decide you above all advocate keyword (general and OK make choice of 1 go to 5) , go in the title that reflects the keyword the webpage next. Remember, caption does not exceed 40 character as far as possible.

Besides the article advocate beyond caption, subhead, the literal caption inside webpage content main body (or paragraph caption) also often have very big effect, one is contained advocate the paragraph caption of the keyword also can have very big effect to the rank of the webpage.

(so, be in after determining article content, find out the keyword of the article, let a keyword appear in the paragraph caption in article caption and content as far as possible, this is very effective to raising an article to rank. But must not keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, make to the simple heavy resume a session of the keyword article by Baidu screen, more the rank that does not want come to an agreement or understanding. )

3, keyword density

The keyword appears inside caption besides need, still need to appear with certain frequency inside whole article content. You need to be in content of caption, paragraph appear with the form of natural language these keywords. These keywords are not, however the term related a group of height. To Baidu, the analysis shows, there can be 5% keyword densities of the left and right sides inside the article. Additional, according to the research of Addweb, the frequency that the keyword appears inside the page is 8 it is advisable to arrive 10 times.

(so, the frequency that the reasonable keyword in raising article content appears has certain help to the rank of the article, but occurrence number of keyword of avoid by all means is too overmuch, secret, too much keyword can make Baidu thinks your article is put in the suspicion of keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, thereby screen your article. To reprinted article, you can be done a little to article content revised, make the fluent piece now language environment of keyword nature medium. The written language of a paragraph of brief introduction sex that oneself write is added in front of what reprint an article, make the density of the keyword in this paragraph of character proper. Such ranks to raising a literary works are very helpful. )

Of course, you must take care when increasing keyword density, dinkum keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases can make the article disappears in the search result of Baidu only.

Baidu optimizes little skill:

1, a few keywords in the article are used keyword group replaces the effect with can have better related its. For instance keyword sale, appear a few times in the article look forward to wins the relevant keyword such as plan of sale of plan of sale, sale, network, sale to be able to raise the Baidu of the article to rank.

2, keyword or keyword group show with boldface. When Baidu is searched, compare to bold-face sensitive, express a few keywords appropriately to be able to make Baidu easier be searched with boldface.