Of SEO outside catenary builds dependency labor

Core clew: Engine of all alone that do search is optimized (SEO) , the statement of the more dependency that links namely is mentioned among exterior link construction, after all, these your exterior links become search engine to look for the most part, and search engine is to rely on spider program to come capture is gotten.

Remember, the spider is a capture program, not be artificial intelligence. He won’t judge dependency with human judgement logically, however a few logistic programs, after all spider program is not complex (relative to character) .

Understood afore-mentioned situations, say myself is right for me the view of dependency and construction result, wrong place, still ask authority point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

The content dependency in your webpage and your webpage, in the judgement in spider program:

Assume your webpage is new webpage, just did be less than 2 days, just referred, the spider indexes according to capture, come over capture (or the link) that adopts other form.

Above all, the spider comes to your webpage through all sorts of join, to him, new webpage feature is the Head part from inside webpage code the element in medium Title label will judge.

Hypothesis spider comes you this webpage, capture the Title character in the webpage: My use free forum – move newly free – move overflow new position! The spider can be reference as the keyword with the character in capture Title above all, go search relevant keyword from inside webpage code next.

You can be at ease, the spider can judge the label in code of a few JS and page, he can take text and Div seriously quite piece the keyword of medium caption part, namely H1-h4 a series of. This is OK also everybody says test and verify, why the content in H1-h4, can compare the reason with the text content tall weight in other Body. Next the spider is met a Tilte is medium the statement with maximum number repeats in text Body part, it is referenced keyword surely (of course, have repeat limit, search index props up meeting set and the) in built-in spider program.

Next him spider also can judge a keyword to expand according to referenced keyword (what the basis searchs engine is relevant kind the keyword in keyword of commonly used data and Title analyses comparative) , integrated above, decide general keyword, as the reference of next page capture.

Next, spider accountant calculates (this simple data computation function or some) the amount that all keywords appear in webpage code, as base. Calculate next the amount of the keyword in Body label, as the element (sweat, do not want to give what speech, common the first) . Divide next, had to give you the keyword density of this page.

After density came out, search him engine can have a standard to judge (the parameter) of factitious design, have an order and degree, ? – ? It is the most reasonable, ? ? It is general, ? ? It is the poorest, this standard hour is changing, anyhow is undertake adjustment according to the data of a paragraph of period (let you lie between paragraph of time to be troubled by bout heart) namely.

Good, after the judgement of density comes out, the keyword difference that has this page is comparative.

With Tilte medium keyword is a foundation, expand integratedly the reference of the keyword, contrast is in Body part the keyword of capture, comparative they the difference on every character. (Search the keyword that engine places to be overflowed to move for instance, and have in Body text: Use free forum, move newly free – wait) a moment, the difference also assigns a grade, the difference is not big, became long end keyword, the difference is big, be abandoned the search keyword as this page, this judges a method with keyword density identical. Such, the page grew end word and search keyword to decide.

When density and page keyword difference these 2 got 2 result hind, the consideration that can an authority number is added is formulary (him engine decides, also adjust) according to data regularly, reach one is opposite of dependency notch (the algorithmic) of similar Baidu index, judge the keyword of the page thereby, the dependency of affirmatory page content and keyword contacts degree.

The dependency of the keyword of the page and page content must come out so.

So, how is the dependency of exterior link judged? Good, next interview talk, enter the 2nd share

The judgement of exterior join and webpage dependency:

One-way link:

His webpage catenary receives the link of your webpage, on his webpage, the keyword that the description of link anchorage character of your website must be this page that links you with him is relevant, or close, the judgement method of the spider and the first share is same, just initiative keyword is referenced, became go up in his webpage, the link Zuo character of your webpage. (communicate QQ: 56770978)