Of SEO keyword choose strategy and specific means

SEO job has around product keyword, because of this keyword choose a thing to close whole SEO to work whether begin effectively; If the keyword chooses to lack rationality, the likelihood causes following conditions:

※ keyword heat is insufficient: Very few person searchs the keyword of the tentative idea, rank of even if keyword is again high, the discharge that introduce also won’t big

※ keyword competition is intense: SEO job difficulty is tremendous, the time with many expenditure and energy are long however the target of short of expect

※ affects website content directly

The keyword is chosen should consider to go in in website plan phase, the element such as area of seat of group of the characteristic of industry of place of setting of website fixed position, column, product, target or of keyword of big or little impact choose

One. Choose the basic principle of the keyword:

1. Keyword cannot too wide extensive, do not choose general keyword as far as possible that is to say

Everybody knows, this keyword shops on the net daily search volume is huge, if good rank can be obtained to affirm what can introduce good flow to be able to increase online sale then to change on this keyword,lead, can be imagined, the competition of this keyword will be very intense, is head broken and bleeding? ?

These general keywords, for example: The competitor without number of travel, advertisement, airline ticket, you have the possibility Qian Ke must get good rank with investment, but you also want, at the same time also can a lot of people take out more money to compete with you, final perhaps you are met very not be to one’s profit, still forget general keyword; You can discharge even if in front, brought not little flow really, but because the search is current the purpose of the user of the keyword is ambiguous, so these discharge do not have very strong target sex, and area may not contains user seat to be in without exception established market limits, of its order change rate is very low also, was to cost more cost to did not get corresponding get one’s own back however actually. Should consider the factor such as area, brand latter, for example: Shop on Beijing net, the website shops to wait on the net, the competitive pressure of such keyword will be a lot of less.

2. Keyword also cannot super-cooling

The keyword of super-cooling obtains good rank to want many easy, but the user that introduce is measured will small; Must not call with company name do main keyword, search your company name without the person almost, you have even if certain brand is famous degree, SEO purpose is the client of person translate into that lets do not know company and product.

3. Survey the search habit of the user

If you plan to buy a razor, the plan understands the product that is about to buy, what vocabulary can you search to get information through Google then?

Because website architect, operator is familiar with his product and place industry characteristic too, when choosing a keyword, of easy assume sth as a matter of course the user can search feel certain to the keyword is important for certain, but real issue is: It is not certain that the user ponders over means and businessman same.

Wait e.g. the specific type of razor, average client is not clear perhaps, also won’t be searched with it, but the person that sells a product feels these speeches are very important however, specific type may decide different value.

When choosing a keyword so, should make investigation, ask a friend the netizen for instance, if want to search this kind of product, they can be searched with what word. The choice is searched the number is maximum, the keyword with the least competition;

The most businesslike keyword is those competitive webpages least, be searched by the user at the same time the term with maximum number. The webpage that some keywords compete probably is very much, make benefit cost very low, should spend a lot of money platoon of talent of a lot of energy arrives in front, but the person that is searching this word actually is not very much.

Should make detailed investigation so, listed and integrated the efficiency is best crucial porcelain after this is both, these keywords want and website content be closely bound up, website content is reflecting product keyword!

2. The keyword chooses strategy and specific means:

(one) . The keyword of listed tentative idea reachs a large number of patulous keywords

Of the keyword choosing is politic model the job, result a rough value, to its treatment should pass to arrive from enumerate chosen course:

1. understanding is in industry characteristic, according to the keyword with general thought may appropriate conception

The friend beside 2. investigation or the search habit of the friend on the net

3. view and emulate is the same as the competitive website of the industry, they are with what the keyword serves as below the record advocate hit, serve as reference with this

The relevant search that 4. offers according to searching engine or searched ABC the person of this word, also searched DEF to wait go discovering relevant keyword.

The keyword that 5. offers according to searching engine chooses a tool to generate patulous keyword, for instance the Keyword Selector Tool of Yahoo.

Chinese keyword chooses a tool:

Baidu searchs word frequency: Before, the quantitative section that Baidu ever listed daily search quantity is in the keyword, instead is only listed and opposite later scale.

SOHU searchs word frequency: List this keyword is in the search time section on SOHU.

GOOGLE keyword tool: Input keyword can generate a large number of relevant keywords to serve as reference, and can inquire relevant keyword is welcome degree (search heat namely) , the fee that obtains corresponding rank place to need on Google and search quantity trend

(2) . Analyse the competitive degree of the keyword

Our target is to find out a search the number is relative more the keyword with little still at the same time competition, in order to achieve highest efficiency; Keyword competition degree has the following two measure index:

1. Search the number of total relevant webpage that result top right corner lists a certain keyword is returned

This number reflected the webpage number related to this keyword roughly, and the competitor that these webpages are you.

2. Before the contest price that this keyword alls alone in certain search engine is offerred ranks the rank in advertisement 3 place require the cost of expenditure.

The keyword that Google offers expands the keyword price of tool Baidu inquires the keyword price of tool SOHU inquires a tool

The price of these keywords is compared above saying competitive webpage number can show competitive rate more.

3, computational keyword efficiency

The competitive rate that had a keyword and by search time, can calculate a what keyword efficiency is highest.

The simplest of course calculation method searchs a frequency to divide namely with competitive degree. Still can make proper change inside this formula. It is for instance in competitive degree, I feel PPC price value is a bit higher, I am so OK dividend instead

0.4X total webpage is counted + 0.6XPPC price

Give number of total relevant webpage and PPC price different weight namely, of course more or less is this weight is occupied each you subjective judgement and preference.

Keyword choice: Choose efficiency namely the highest two target keywords that regard you as the homepage to 3 keywords, other and relevant keyword serves as auxiliary