Of Microsoft admonish: The truth that builds a link does not have shortcut namely

Microsoft search raises a proposal to SEO and stationmaster rarely. Perhaps be the family was carried of course, we pay close attention to Live search not quite, did not see just. A few days ago the card that Microsoft searched official gain guest to send to be linked about exchange, still have quite draw lessons from a meaning.

Say in the card, if commutative link is OK automation, easy fast, so this kind of program or alliance, be afraid energy of undeserved devoted time. Undeniable, stationmaster people those who long for day and night is this is planted simple swift method, the result is bad however.

The definition that Microsoft links to exchange is, wholesale switch links to in an attempt to to improve search engine to rank. Exchange of this kind of link just is search engine normally and do, is not consideration website user.

Besides alleged large-scale, this kind of undesirable feature that links exchange still includes

The first, often be to use software to make a page automatically, issue request postal matter automatically also, approval link.

The 2nd feature is, often build an appropriative list on the website, use commutative link, and this catalog is to website user what is used actually do not have.

I add a feature again, exchange of this kind of link often does not have content dependency.

Sum up again, to search engine, profitless link exchange has a few characteristics:

1 large-scale

Automation of 2 use software

Form of 3 false catalog

4 without dependency

Link of this kind of exchange once was the mainstream that acquires a link, in English website big big.

Actually miniature, handmade, man-to-man link is exchanged, beneficial and harmless. Just want to notice degree and dimensions, doing doing have with respect to make it above the link Abelian group of 4 characteristics.

This card gave a few proposals that establish a link again, although be platitude, list for the moment point.

1 become competence region expert.

2) provides free service.

3) participates in the activity of industry or professional association. A lot of guild can have membership list, some moment member helps hold an activity to wait, association website also can express gratitude with linking a form.

4) makes full use of socialization website, rich guest, forum, video, twitter.

The card of final Microsoft reminds everybody to establish the fact of the link. There is a maxim in English, if Something Sounds Too Good To Be True, it Probably Is, carelessness is, If what thing sounds unlike is true, that is not true commonly. Do not have so cheap favour.

Microsoft says, linking construction is promotion the website is the most important, the hardest also one part. The fact that says simply to build a link does not have shortcut namely. (Chinamyhosting.com/seoblog)