Of all fools’ day the following day Baidu opened a fun

Baidu is newer yesterday, got rid of relevant search to cutout. I was not cared about at that time, because Baidu is in other place,still provide this function. / Rs.php carries this address, still can continue to examine what search related Baidu.

Did not think of ah did not think of, between one night, unexpected meeting changes a webpage to rank algorithm. Collective of keyword of certain recreation station glides, glide what degree? Run to the 4th page. This conversion is good, have so that cannot find directly. The rank before these stations is Baidu of before the first page 3. It is the keyword that can have brought thousands of IP everyday, did not have between one night, result is completely white fell. The most depressed is, these stations are the site with very marvellous content. It is the hand is moved update, the netizen likes very much, the user that inputs corn visit directly can be occupied 25% .

These are not I am the most depressed, before if allow better site,the rank leans, then I also do not have a word to say. The problem is the site that ranks leading edge, one much is very the site of rubbish.

Baidu is this to working? If just regard experimental sex as newlier this the test, then I do not have say. If Baidu wants way of a blazing really, I am forced to continue depressed.

This still does not calculate the most depressed.

Today Baidu amnesty the world. A lot of sites that allow K, let fall the site of authority, risked suddenly come out.

Baidu searchs Seo this word, you can discover, my rich guest ran the last. Very depressed say.

This is newer, I discovered only a bit, that is external of catenary quality discretion judgement, baidu made adjust. If Baidu does not continue to be adjusted greatly, with respect to meeting continue to use this algorithm. The catenary outside be being done after everybody when must notice, the effect that that way may bring previously is much less.

Why do I say so? Because pass observation, with friend communication, the site that ranks is basic it is recreational station. The keyword competition that recreation stands is big, but do easily also, but outside the quality of catenary is very general. What is this meaning? For instance you made a musical station, some friends may like you very much in, the music that can recommend you in other forum stands. Resemble this kind outside catenary, baidu can reduce weight. The meaning that understands I say?

These are I conclude at present only, had not carried out completely, if you are a novice, do not believe my word please, oneself consider to fall. I also must work, who can think of Baidu algorithm changes the conference is so big ah.

Article origin: Guest of rich of La of Seo earth Ke