ODP opens address catalog (DMOZ)

We had stressed the importance of address catalog, catalog of so open address (ODP) what be after all? Perhaps a lot of people do not have real knowledge, just heard its name to stop. Civil / roam about poet

What is DMOZ (open address catalog) ?

DMOZ is the catalog like Yahoo catalog and Zeal. The exclusive distinction of Dmoz and other catalog depends on it is safeguarded jointly by 73000 volunteer editors. The service collection that they do not offer for them any charge. Be being collected to the fairness of the website so is a very large dominant position, but brought huge inconvenience to volunteer editor however. Occasionally, you refer a website to need very long time ability to be collected quite. Because serve as a volunteer editor,have busy the job that is not over. Say commonly, after your website is referred 3-8 week can be collected, if was not collected,can continue to refer (avoid by all means is not referred repeatedly, because my individual serves as an editorial proposal,be: Newest referred website always can discharge the position finally, if you are in original already this examine and verify your website when refer, it can be discharged again return final position) .

It is at the beginning of 2008 when, DMOZ has 78999 volunteer editions, 590 000 catalog and 4591 492 the website of fine quality.

Why must I use DMOZ (open address catalog) ?

– the website is meant to had been indexed by the catalog of Google after the website refers DMOZ. The one voluminous data of Google catalog comes from DMOZ.

– DMOZ is high grade network resource, their view is the republic of network world. Catalog of the address that be opened (DMOZ) index is equivalent to been in an excellent system. You are OK from open address catalog (DMOZ) score rife gain.

– open address catalog (DMOZ) can bring your website a lot of exterior links, your website can obtain taller link to be spent extensively.

– open address catalog (DMOZ) it is the exterior link that a very important catenary receives your website.

– open address catalog (DMOZ) it is completely free, you can refer your commerce website to DMOZ.

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