Obtain link means a few kinds of skill

Today QQ group in a friend calls me to help him look () . How does such website acquire high quality link? My individual thinks to compare effective method below summary.

1, establish good human relationship. As Seoer people, if you have a good Seo gregarious network, are then you still used look at the link that there is high quality?

2, those who do and so on of catalog of a more practical software, network address east, want to have enough appeal only, a lot of Seoer people still be can active catenary the website to you, for instance Chinese stationmaster, / .

3, not too the PR that importunes a website. Also wrote PR near future to cause QQ newlier yesterday group seek friendship link wildly, if your website does not have the content with true and practical what, it is PR again tall, I think as SEO people the website that also won’t link you. If your domain name is new domain name, but website content is abounded and authority is tall, I want to want to close industry website to be able to follow you actively to exchange friendship link with you.

4, use Internet to help link of your production friendship. In a few people gas is compared tall technical website, publish article of a few technologies, ably processing leaves a literary works, when others reprints your website, also reprint your link at the same time at the same time.

5, add at a few QQ more group, when others gives out commutative friendship to link information, his website below the examination is useful to you, if useful, exchange a link with him also just as well.

6, join this locality Huang Ye, industry Huang Ye, this also is a kind of method that adds friendship link.

7, to authoritative classification catalog is referred, also be the most important a bit. Wait catalog a moment to refer to network address of Dmoz, Yahoo for instance, although say wanting to be collected by these network address catalog is a tickler truly, but if that day of your website was collected by these catalog, that pair of your website ranks can have very great help. Cheer!

8, organize a few activities that are helpful for a website, for instance before paragraph the contest of Seo of the cereal that cross a tiger of time is a very good example.

9, use rich objective, believe everybody at this o’clock already very clear, I did not say more.

Emphasize finally a bit, PR does not represent everything, the website that wants you only considers the user experiences really, believe some day, when searching a keyword, your site may be before those tall PR sites. Some friendship are linked actually also very injure a person.