Numerous media appeal makes cereal song promotion achieve content weight formerly

It is reported, what more and more big media companies are persuading cereal song company to promote them is former achieve content the result rank inside search engine limits, firm of song of strong demand cereal increases its achieve content to be ranked mediumly in search result formerly.

It is the PageRank algorithm that decides a rank according to linking an amount at first above all, the PageRank algorithm that each big media company decides to the search is ranked as a result to cereal song company expresses to object strongly. The level that a lot of publisher decide to the search is ranked as a result to cereal song company also expresses anger. The atrophy that advertisement battalion receives forces them to ask cereal song company revises rank criterion as soon as possible already extremely urgent. Start the plan that sells content on Internet afresh as publisher, they scorn the algorithm of content paying fee to also express intense dissatisfaction to cereal song company. The senior vice president of company of ESPN digital media makes an appointment with writing. Kesina will be November last year on conferences of advisory committee of publisher of cereal song company disclose publisher this complains. The member that attends this one meeting according to expresses, about this one problem not be first time is put forward any more, and of Kesina put forward this to make this one problem rises to a level that ought to be valued.

Professional work of number of company of new York Times is high vice-president horse is fourth. The to cereal song company algorithm on meeting that Nisenhuoci held in network publisher association January this year and shown search result had attack. Be opposite when Nisenhuoci add sand (Gaza) when one word undertakes searching, report of BBC of such as antiquated, Vicki appeared what return in Gu Ge in searching a result 100 divisions entry, even a paragraph of anti-Jewish YouTube video is discharged in " new York Times " relevant report in front. " new York Times " have the battle that a seasoned reporter is adding the report inside Sha Cheng to happen recently; And searched on March 20 when him another kind of circumstance appeared when adding sand, discharging those who be in front is two Vicki 100 divisions entry, BBC extract of two a report March 19, video, " in affection bureau: World general situation " and " defend a newspaper " a report, and what make a person mysterious most is with add the Twitter information related sand.

Express according to these publisher, they do not want to obtain aim the advantage of the person that spare content is created and rich guest, but they ask most the value that at least achieves content formerly ought to be being searched get be reflectinged very well in the result. To this, cereal song company states it is going all lengths, but these requirements that satisfied publisher completely impossibly at a draught.

However, also be not everybody to support these point of views of publisher. According to " field of fame and gain " columnist Michael Er. Wo Fu expresses, this is publisher tries merely the forestall status that new him recover loses and those who give out is piteous just. According to Gu Ge a spokesman of the company expresses, achieving content formerly is valuable absolutely, but we are undeniable also the value that derives content. The publisher advisory committee that publisher asks cereal song company was held on April 30 can make formal response on the conference, hope cereal song company can enact practical measure, the problem that so that solve them,this cares most.