Novice stationmaster undertakes SEO optimizes a few crucial skill of the attention

Core clew: Search engine to optimize: Retrieve a characteristic in the light of what all sorts of search index prop up namely, the main essential factor that lets website construction and webpage design suits those who search engine to retrieve a principle (search engine namely friendly) , before the rank in obtain search engine to collect thereby and retrieving a result leans.

To be based on META the search index of label retrieval is propped up, effective keyword and website description are installed in META label, to engine of the spider that gives priority to with webpage content dependency search, pass the density that increases a keyword in the webpage, design technically perhaps to facilitate to search engine retrieved page (like Sitemap.htm, Roberts.txt) . Searching engine to optimize is one of common forms that search engine sale.

One, density of processing key word

For instance: Can appear in an article a few repeat key word valuably

2, META label (keyword) devise a method

General situation designs 3-5 label keyword. Keyword of general situation label by: Heat up a word: The estate with for instance medium article, matter right law, contract. Leng Ci: Praedial. Density keyword: Matter authority action. His purpose is in not only be density increases on content, and make great efforts in label even.

3, caption choice

1. same article, as far as possible title is not same.

The requirement on 2. caption has innovation sex. New Baidu is collected automatically it is to caption in the system in his article the caption that basically had not appeared, particularly easy and automatic collect, and still can repeat collect. Requirement article caption wanted innovation sex. With attract eyeball to convey.

3.Other basically is technical attention

4, the choice that heat up a word (choose optimal key word)

The choice of the hot word of case of 1. high price (this technology can be offerred commonly)

The word index above 2. Baidu chooses

5, content requirement

1. hopes to achieve a gender formerly most

2. adds this net or other in front

Principle of 3. full name (had told yesterday) adding is an expert, celebrity full name exceeds join as far as possible

4. increases what the key heats up a word to exceed join

There must be content to explain below 5. picture (simple point)

6. stresses a theme, can use headline (add thick, change the means such as font)

7. finishs the first paragraph seriously with finally paragraph article content works (use hot word as far as possible)

6, prevent receive search to consider as cogged method

1. prohibits be being joined intentionally with keyword of webpage content irrelvant

2. exceeds in what edit personnel design prohibit be being pointed to illegally in join.

3. prohibits appearing in caption illegal content

4. prohibits the circumstance that smooth caption does not have content. (picture except)

The label of 5. keyword does not stand too much