Novice search is optimized into rank you still should know about Baidu

What is Baiduspider?

The one each that Baiduspider is Baidu search engine uses a program. Its action is the Html webpage on visit Internet, build index database, make the user can search the webpage that your website searchs in engine in Baidu.

The visit pressure that Baiduspider creates to server of a website how?

Baiduspider will be automatic according to the load of the server ability adjustment visits density. After visitting period of time continuously, baiduspider can pause a little while, increase the visit pressure of the server in order to prevent. Be in so usually, baiduspider won’t have created great pressure to the server of your website.

Why the capture with ceaseless Baiduspider my website?

To updated page perhaps lasting of new generation on your website, baiduspider can last capture. In addition, the visit that you also can check a website to visit the Baiduspider in the log is normal, with preventing someone ill will pretends to be Baiduspider to come frequent capture your website. If you discover Baiduspider is not normal capture your website, feedback please to, give out as far as possible please the Baiduspider visit to expensive station log, handle in order to facilitate we dog.

I do not think my website is visited by Baiduspider, how should be I done?

Baiduspider abides by Internet Robots agreement. You can use Robots.txt file to prohibit completely the website that Baiduspider visits you, perhaps prohibit the partial file that Baiduspider visits your website to go up. Attention: Prohibit the website that Baiduspider visits you, will make the webpage on your website, the search that provides search engine service in Baidu search engine and all Baidu cannot be searched in engine.

About Robots.txt, consult Robots.txt composes a method

Why my website had added Robots.txt, can you still come out in Baidu search?

The newer need time that because search engine all alone,leaves a database. Although Baiduspider has stopped to visit the webpage on your website, but the webpage index information that Baidu search has established in engine database, the likelihood needs 2 to all around ability will be cleared. The Robots configuration that also checks you please additionally is proper.

I hope my website content is indexed by Baidu but be not saved snapshot, how should be I done?

Baiduspider abides by agreement of Internet Meta Robots. You can use the setting of webpage Meta, make Baidu shows construct index to this webpage only, but the snapshot that does not show this webpage in searching a result.

With Robots like updating, because search the newer need time of engine index database, although you had passed Meta to prohibit in the webpage,so Baidu is searching the snapshot that this webpage shows in the result, but in database of Baidu search engine if had established webpage index information, the likelihood needs 2 to all around ability will be online on become effective.

Is Baidu spider in what is the name in Robots.txt?

Baiduspider initial B is great, the others is the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral.

Is the meeting new after Baiduspider how long capture my webpage?

Baidu searchs engine to be updated every week, the webpage inspects importance to have different newer rate, frequency comes in a few days between January, baiduspider can be visited afresh and update a webpage.

Does the bandwidth that Baiduspider capture causes jam?

The normal capture of Baiduspider can not cause the bandwidth of your website to jam, because somebody pretends to be the Spider baleful capture of Baidu,creating this appearance may be. If send existing name to be the Agent capture of Baiduspider and cause bandwidth to jam, contact with us as soon as possible please. Can reach information feedback, if can offer your website the visit log of this period of time will more the analysis that is helpful for us.