Novel kind effect of website SEO brand and rank analysis

The effect of SEO is to let novel net there can be an ideal rank in searching engine namely.

It is relative between SEO and brand, can so say, SEO can bring up a brand, but after website of a novel can become a brand, begin to abandon SEO.

In principle, discharging the novel website discharge in the first page decrease successively by the order of the rank, search talk feeling for example novel, the first to the 10th, discharge is those who have the law is degressive. Because rank first website, the user does not like certainly, the choice is so next, the rest may be deduced by analogy. This kind is the search of masses sex, without brand specific aim.

But if the keyword of the search is a brand kind, that outcome is completely different, for example the netizen searchs heaven bird, have forum above the result of the page, image sound, novel, internet bar, even the content such as musical instrument travel. If this netizen wants to look for city of heaven bird literature directly, so rank the novel net discharge of the 8th ambitious at other website.

Below this kind of circumstance, the rank is very the thing of empty, its platoon was in the first, but discharge is far not as good as this brand website. Change a point of view, to the rank of an enterprise, before 10 can be accepted, than the name that is like an enterprise, the brand is done, the user searchs this brand directly, it is the website that approachs this company continuously for certain, the rank that calculates this enterprise website is not in the first.

If your website has been discharged,was in the first page, already advanced perhaps 5, this moment must not can blind does SEO to optimize for higher rank, still be inferior to time flower considering to play user experience in this, come to those who raise a website change rate, because the ultimate goal of the enterprise is gain, is not a rank.

To the sort of imagination above, can so explanation, although a certain website from the back is ranked not as good as before those lean because of the rank of black hat SEO, but it had built a brand.

To old user, you are a brand station, be worth to believe. So he jumped over other website to choose you directly; And to the novice, browse a few stations to make likewise after comparing, the station before discovering the rank leans is a rank merely outstanding without it, feel it is in the degree of belief of the website, beautiful go up not to provide dimensions to wait.

Can so say, SEO effect not enemy brand effect. If your website already became a brand, so SEO to you, dispensable. SEO is an auxiliary tool merely.

Of course, what what say above is to have a premise, it is you must discharge the first page at least, otherwise the user cannot find you, it is to do not have the effect euqally.

And the development as time, your key word calculates do not do promotion to optimize, meet like the rank more and more in front.

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