Normative use DIV+CSS names regulation to increase optimize effect

Page head: Header

Login: LoginBar

Mark: Logo

Side column: SideBar

Advertisement: Banner

Navigation: Nav

Child navigation: SubNav

Menu: Menu

Child menu: SubMenu

Search: Search

Scroll: Scroll

Page main body: Main

Content: Content

Label page: Tab

Article list: List

Clew information: Msg

Little skill: Tips

Column caption: Title

Join: Joinus

Guideline: Guild

Service: Service

Heat: Hot

News: News

Download: Download

Register: Regsiter

Condition: Status

Pushbutton: Btn

Voting: Vote

Partner: Partner

Friendship link: FriendLink

Page foot: Footer

Copyright: CopyRight

Of 1.CSS ID name

Coat: Wrap

Dominant boat: MainNav

Child navigation: Subnav

Page foot: Footer

Whole page: Content

Page the top margin of a page: Header

Page foot: Footer

Brand: Label

Caption: Title

Dominant boat: MainNav(globalNav)

Top navigation: Topnav

Edge navigation: Sidebar

Left navigation: LeftsideBar

Right navigation: RightsideBar

Flag sign: Logo

Catchphrase: Banner

Menu content 1: Menu1Content

Menu capacity: MenuContainer

Child menu: Submenu

Edge navigation icon: SidebarIcon

Annotate: Note

Crumble: BreadCrumb(namely the page is located positional navigation clew)

Container: Container

Content: Content

Search: Search

Land: Login

Functional area: Shop(is like shopping car, counter)

Current     Current

2. is editing annotate of the practicable when the style expresses to be able to write so additionally:

<–Footer –>

Content area

<–End Footer –>

3. style file names

Main Master.css

Layout, layout Layout.css

Column Columns.css

Literal Font.css

Print.css of the style that print

Thematic Themes.css