Nofllow label does the advantages and disadvantages of the link, do you know?

Read the friendship that everybody is necessary to see his links an article, already by Nofollow. Perhaps some friends ask, what is Nofollow? Tell simply, although your friendship links the address that linking you,be, but it is invalid, because he gave your friendship link to add Nofollow, added the friendship link of Nofollow label, searching engine do not admit, like be like an earmark, tell to search engine, this link is invalid, need not income.

Most what put forward Nofollow first is a label that takes the lead to be achieved newly, the purpose is to reduce rubbish to link the influence to searching engine as far as possible. The meaning of this label is to tell a search engine to this link is not a course him author is editorial, so this link is not a trustful ticket. Search engine sees the voting weight that this label decreases possibly or cancels a link completely. First account is, as the popularity of network rich guest, rubbish comment and rubbish link run rampant gradually, cause the attention of Google and took the lead in putting forward to defend plan. The measure of Google is to pass a kind of new-style label to prevent comment of this kind of rubbish and rubbish link effectively. This attribute is contained in once Google discovers,exceeding a link from this (Rel = Nofollow) , this kind of link won’t be regarded as some site to rank medium evaluation basis as a result in the search; What at the same time this label won’t become rubbish to comment on place rich guest or webpage is negative and voting, it is used at preventing rubbish maker only rich guest comment, feedback expresses sheet or recommend the public such as list to the domain passes promiscuous seeing and hearing and be benefited. Nofollow label is very important to searching engine.

But told so much Nofollow, what is Nofollow label? How to use Nofollow label? The Google explanation to Rel=nofollow is below: When Google Sees The Attribute Rel=nofollow On Hyperlinks, those Links Wont Get Any Credit When We Rank Websites In Our Search Results. Once Google discovers,this attribute is contained in exceeding a link namely (Rel = Nofollow) , this kind of link won’t be regarded as some site to rank medium evaluation basis as a result in the search.

Nofollow label still has another effect, if you sell ad on the website, can use this label. Because original intention of advertising of webpage of buying and selling should be discharge, is not PR be worth or try to affect search engine to rank. Add this label to won’t affect flow completely, but the effect that reduces to be ranked to searching engine likely.

Talk about Nofollow label now the action to the link, can somebody ask added this label are voting to the link really weight and PR value influential? This are to put have interrogative. If I am written down right word, google, yahoo, MSN expresses to bear this label. But does the voting weight that they link these really fall for 0? Do not have affirmation.

Other search engine does not bear this label certainly, for instance Baidu. The condition that observes with respect to me looks, baidu takes no account of this label, once Baidu discovers Nofollow label, because rubbish link is in,Baidu still is very effective. So stationmaster friends, the friendship that must check you regularly is linked, one looks is by Baidu K, if by Baidu K, cancel rapidly, if do not cancel, baidu can think you are the accomplice that is stood by K, also catch you ah. Another should look, your friendship link is your Nofollow. Check retrorse link namely, the tool that checks retrorse link now has a lot of, resemble stationmaster net having, whether does the retrorse link that checks you still have. Although your friendship link is done not have by Baidu K, and the friendship link that the other side also became you, but do not check inside retrorse link, the friendship link that estimation may be you certainly probably has given Nofollow you. Want to prove a cause rapidly, take out the other side is linked or perhaps ask label of Nofollow of take out of the other side. Give authority so say, once,be Nofollow of the other side, you seemed to become an one-way link, your link has profit to the other side, but the other side added Nofollow, the link that is just like you added layer quilt, although you can see the other side has your friendship link, but not effective. But didn’t the link that added this label calculate exterior link? Of course cannot so say. Such link still is exterior link euqally. Search engine to seem to lose sight of namely. Ah, had you felt useful? Too important to the website.

The link inside rich guest comment and forum card is different, user and him reader add these links, the website has a person or the author does not add. Below a lot of circumstances, the author also won’t see these links went what website. Do not know so to the quality of these websites of course. I never say the comment link that goes out repeatedly from my website is very important, receive money to let everybody add a link next, perhaps ask the reader is linked come back. Although the link in rich guest comment is exterior link (or conduce collects) , but to the search engine is ranked and it doesn’t matter is used for PR value (not mere because of Nofollow use) .

Talk about character issue finally, friendship link is an objective that each other wins originally, but if some stationmaster are not honest and kind, added friendship link Nofollow, I also did not say, such doing is incorrect. I am me happy the stationmaster that I am fond of, cherish all the time the collaboration between the website. Act on each other to win mutual beneficial objective, take the friendship link of each stationmaster seriously very much, also hope everybody becomes high quality link with my station very much at the same time. There still is not very good mechanism now or software examines some stations to do not have by the reason of Baidu income, most I do not know at least now, the friend that the welcome knows tells me, it is very important to become a link, before becoming a link, asking everybody to must look is by Baidu income. The station that welcomes income of the Google that be mixed by Baidu sincerely becomes a link with me.