No-no: The website is optimized in 9 businesses that cannot do quite absolutely

1, pure collect

Searching engine love the new and loathe the old, if the content of a website is,go up in the network high reduplicative, so the rank is absolutely won’t good, collection website Baidu can close, but the meeting after collecting by slowly K is dropped, and the chance that very few meeting gives reform, even if later achieve an article newlier formerly every day, also of no help. But this is not meant can not collect, we can are aimed at collect the article that come to do a few change, replace content for instance, change caption to wait.

2.Keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases

This everybody should know, but how to just calculate load one’s writing with fancy phrases, bad to said, I feel the occurrence frequency of first paragraphs of keyword had better not exceed the article twice, can have cogged suspicion otherwise, stand newly especially, should avoid as far as possible too pass to be optimized apparently.

3, the keyword that chooses a mistake

Discharge crosses low keyword, optimize again faultlessly, also of no help, and attention spends very tall keyword, calculate a platoon to be in the 2nd page, also can bring very large flow.

4. caption is changed frequent

A not stable website, baidu won’t like, in the beginning of building a station, should have considered each detail of the website, once build, do not want to be changed easily.

5. code is too long and mixed and disorderly

Spider is from the webpage code reads those who take webpage content, if code is too long, the spider will know which attach most importance to a dot to be able to cut off the crawl of the spider even very hard.