Newest SEO optimizes formula


1, ∫ is an integral symbol, c=content, l=link, k=keywords, o=others. SEO is a long-term integral to time course, content is core

2, the content with rich C1 is the first element, according to achieve formerly, bogus is achieved formerly, reprint ordinal the importance that forms content satisfies user experience

3, what L2 links is reasonable with abounding is the 2nd element, reasonable and significant in-house link and rich exterior link are coequal and important, and page of tall Pr value attachs most importance to dependency of exterior link camber especially should

4, element of K3 key word is tertiary main factor, include: Key word of reasonable Title, Description, Keywords, page reachs the density of relevant key word and reasonable overall arrangement

5, O4 other element, for instance: Framework of domain name, station age, server, website, composing, neighbour, Url, map is waited a moment

What this formula writes is good, optimize SEO, very wraparound elaborated, the problem that SEO optimizes need to notice, considered to go in

According to this formula, can discover a lot of valuable concepts, the friend that have fun at can be savoured carefully savour, nevertheless premise is, you should look know this formula

This formula is in maths, call adventitious integral formula, if write this formula into the word that decides integral formula, ah, that effect is too good did not pass, but such word, with respect to vitrification SEO is optimized,

At present SEOer appears special care about spider experience, actually, user experience is very main also. The author generalizes with the formula below:

SEO= user experiences + spider experience. It is SEM also can be used even, SEO/SEM theorem: SEO/SEM=UE+SE;

Substantival explanation:

Search engine sale (Search Engine Marketing, abbreviation SEM) : It is a kind of new network sale form. What SEM place does is comprehensive and effective use search engine to have network sale and promotion. SEM goes after top sexual price to compare, with the smallest investment, obtain the biggest visit that comes from search engine to measure, produce commercial value. The SEM here does not include contest price rank, buy the resort paying fee such as keyword advertisement.

The user experiences (User Experience, abbreviation UE) : Be one kind pure a product is used subjectively in the user (service) the psychology that builds in the process is experienced. In inchoate software the user in designing a process experiences basically is the alternant process that comes from user and man-machine interface, popular now design process is paid attention to it is a center with the user. What is target of user experience design? The most important is to should make a product useful, this useful it is the demand that points to an user, it is to be used easily next. Specific optimize SEO to go up to the website, user of a website has experienced that is to say the information that the user finds demand very easily on the website, and if play a window,do not have the fraise of the influential user information that browse, the hash such as advertisement.

The spider experiences (SEO Experience, abbreviation SE) : It is the evaluation of search engine algorithm to the website, it is good that algorithm evaluates good rank to the website. Is algorithm how evaluate a website? Many and high grade outside the catenary, original implied meaning that achieve a gender, good algorithm of structure of newer, website, user experiences tall frequency the opinion that waits for pair of websites that accord with algorithm is good.


How is user experience to raise SEO to rank? One of, good user experience can raise website PV to be worth a product to change rate. The most important is turn discharge into the user, the flow of user accumulate over a long period is larger.

Have two websites A, B suppose, they besides discharge different outside, other parameter is identical.

The discharge of A " the discharge of B, so the weight of A and rank want excel B.

Namely: The user experiences good website weight and rank are good.