Newer Page Rank is the URL of 10 recently

The search that Page Rank is Google core ranks a skill as a result. The amount that it is the retrorse link according to URL and quality undertake calculative. The high numerical value of PR is pursuit of all center institute all the time almost, but the basis is the closest data, global PR value can achieve the domain name of 10 to have 18 only however, achieve of 9 have 148.

Next watches listed partial PR value is the URL of 10, all of one suit is English site. Involve 18 domain names among them.

The expression of orange impression the PR value of this domain name is 10, the patulous URL below is PR of part of face of this region under one’s name the value is the URL of 10.


O /products/acrobat/readstep2.html

O /education/

O /government/

O /shockwave/download/

O /help/accessibility.html

O /products/

O /products/*/ (child page)

The welcome degree of visible Adobe company has many tall, pardonable also, almost the product that every computer has it.


Apache foundation, open the resource of the source.


O /itunes/

O /dotmac/

O /macosx/

O /macosx/leopard/

O /support/

Of the apple not little also.


Cisco system


Center of American the sources of energy


European information and mathematical seminar


O /accounts/ManageAccount

O /adsense

This, , , can be imagined

Japanese Keio university


O /us/

IBM company

The person that has used Flash should know it.


American aerospace center


American national science foundation is organized

Use those who cross Realplayer to should know


Offer dog service

O /

O /css-validator/

O /QA/

If you do not know what this is, see the coping of the source code of the webpage that you are examining.

The White House

O Http://

O Http://

Hemp saves grain industry college

How to examine the PR cost of an URL? The simplest method, install Google tool column, perhaps inquire through here.