New domain name searchs engine to collect a proposal

Stationmaster of a lot of novices is very depressed, why website go up is the line so long was search engine or mirrorred? The truth is very actually simple, no more than is outside weight of catenary little content is not tall.

The chain outside 1. is little this is a big question

Make friendship connection, method is scientific and this is lineal. But novice stationmaster enters ring before long, 1 take without old station. 2 without friend side your join falls. 3 now each stationmaster cowhide is towering. New domain name does not have PR to was not collected again already, stationmaster people the good convention that does not have new personality of guide and support.

2. weight is not tall

The spider reachs a place that often does not go always is unaccustomed, this is understandable. Novice stationmaster not to be pooh-poohed achieves an article formerly at bogus, and also won’t do a dot to be achieved formerly and popular literary works.

Above 2 o’clock is the major reason that search engine does not collect, reason is the following shallow the experience that talks about next individuals

1. finds the content of him website close, in each big door builds BLOG, like must not be the same as

If you are the film station that make, the BLOG that you can build is film gut introduction. Also can be film stage photo!

2.Use the resource on oneself hand

Since make a station,believe, not be the novice that firm meeting gets online absolutely, there still are a lot of resources on your hand so, e.g. rich guest, friendship connection is increased on BLOG, you should cross water in the fill in forum, these Zhang date also are your resource, you can revise the sign one’s name that leaves your.

3.Picture address

This relative bad, citing: If you are a film station, you send the card of a certain popular movie to relevant forum, include brief introduction, stage photo, download address, increase bit of connection. This method is not brillant nevertheless, because I also am done 2 years of forum. The possibility that is deleted is tall. You are OK and so duplicate the content of own website arrives forum, the address of stage photo is him website (either link) is added on the picture.

System of a lot of CMS has 4. now reply function, , the proposal can send a drop to relevant website. According to textual research, a lot of stationmaster pay close attention to leave a message degree very low. (