Network sale uses IT creation to deliver client value

This is the series article that coachs how the enterprise begins network sale to work, help vast enterprise correctly accelerate the understanding of pair of network sale, build the network sale thinking that has ego distinguishing feature, master network sale method and administrative system with shorter time, last for the enterprise healthy progress creates a condition.

The Internet commerce before 2000 resembles a gold rush, the concept of Internet lets people seek the share of the network business that boosting those appearing on the market. But the network company at that time is deficit is managed almost. From 2000 arrive first 2002, only the United States has 500 networks company to close down, after the severe winter of Internet passes, people discovers amazedly, the four seasons spent get over predicament 2003 appear on the market there were 60 % to realize gain in network company. Not only such, people discovers Internet technology very quickly also already from go up at all the structure that changed a lot of industries. Network company had experienced the fluctuant level of early days, had set foot on smooth gain nowadays period. The rapid growth with network benign economy, and the rapid change of the market structure that drives at the same time. For average company start cost-effective management mode offerred low cost to draw lessons from.

Although this noun adjusts network sale our enterprise already no longer unfamiliar, but after all what is network sale, its connotation up to now most business is not clear still. We from the specification network sale is what is mentioned after all, the company that helps us establishs the thinking pattern that hauling wind sale works, step correct, healthy network sale drive quickly.

Network sale (E-marketing) , it is to point to use IT to go creation, conduct propaganda, deliver client value, and concern to the client undertake administrative, the purpose is to be enterprise and all sorts of relevant interests person create profit. Say simply, network sale goes to IT application namely in traditional sale activity. Network sale has the effect of two respects to traditional sale. The first, the efficiency that it improved traditional sale to work; The 2nd, network sale technology changed sale strategy. Because these change, the enterprise developed brand-new management pattern, increased client value, also increased the gain capacity of the enterprise.

A dynamic network sale environment was the product with new development, market, media and channel to create all sorts of opportunity, the conformity that people will take conformity of consumer control, strategy, meticulous evaluation index, wireless network, data seriously to receive facility more and semantic net (so far, web great majority develops the media that reads documentation for people, and providing the data that can process automatically and information field, develop slower. Semantic net wants to make up for the inadequacy of this respect namely. In semantic net information has very clear limit) etc.

Antedate network sale, accompany people what wide to Internet application appears is concept of electronic business affairs. A meaning of electronic business affairs is (E-Business) : Use digital technology to the enterprise all sorts of management activities are optimized continuously; Another meaning is (E-Commerce) : Belong to a branch of electronic business affairs, namely the electron trades. We know, business affairs mode is to show the enterprise gets a kind of way that lives for a long time, it included the value position to partner and client already, the earnings pattern that also included a company (namely the industry survives and the means of gain) . The business affairs mode of the enterprise and its strategy be closely bound up, because the enterprise wants to choose a variety of business affairs mode, executive sale strategy, achieve the goal of the enterprise finally. Dai Er of • of Michelle of no less than (Dai Er’s company president) place character: Our management mode suits Internet times. This kind of mode included with employee, client, supplier the accredit between and communicate.

Mode of electronic business affairs uses IT to get a kind of way that lives for a long time for the enterprise namely, it includes the value position of pair of partners and client already, also include the earnings pattern of the enterprise. Mode of electronic business affairs made full use of the character of Internet, be like the globalization, cool one’s heels when crossing. Mode of electronic business affairs also includes logarithm word information and below condition leaving a line match those who send a technology to use. For instance: Shopkeeper gets stuck in bar code of counter scanning product and client, OK and convenient inventory runs typed message, also can serve as the basis that develops sales promotion activity, this leaves the network sale below line position namely. Although mode of most electronic business affairs moves below Internet environment, but network sale and mode of electronic business affairs are likewise OK carry out below condition leaving a line, this are very important.

Network sale conduces to mode of enterprise electron business affairs carry out, this basically expresses the following now respect:

(one) network sale conduces to an enterprise increasing profit;

(2) network sale conduces to reduce cost;

(3) network sale conduces to increase profit.

However business affairs of enterprise executive electron is the branch that has arrangement, it is the mode of electronic business affairs of exercise level above all, the activity of this level involves individual management activity, in this level, the enterprise can use the loss of efficiency of electronic business affairs to run cost. These activities include: Order processing, get competitive information, online investigation to wait.

The electronic business affairs that of the 2nd level is business level manages mode, it changes company business technological process, enhance industry service advantage. It includes a client relationship management, information management, supply alliance of construction of chain management, online community, member (build a sale agent namely) , plan of natural resources of database sale, company, dimensions is custom-built (hand is right every client, use electronic technology to be generated automatically, custom-built sale shift. The enterprise is OK collect has client and potential client news, in batches but have specific aim again for the client custom-built product and channel communication cease. )

The electronic business affairs that three-layer is company level manages mode, at this moment electronic business affairs had assumed important role in whole industry. The enterprise lies in a centralized system, all sorts of business flow undertake automation is operated. The company that wear Er is the typical delegate of this one administrative levels, they believe firmly prospective development cannot leave activity of electronic business affairs.

At top is single-crop farming enterprise, the characteristic of this kind of enterprise is they rely on network get rich above all, not be hypostatic like the tradition enterprise progressively ascendant development, used pattern of electronic business affairs directly however and development rises. For example Yamaxun and should become net, this kind of enterprise is facing enormous challenge, they need conformity a variety of profit pattern, raise client value ability to gain a success quite. company of the United States is very good content assistance mode is mixed sell mode to be united in wedlock together continuously, it advertises for the goods in stock of the manufacturer on the website, accord consumer price is favourable at the same time. A lot of is in network bubble is undone in the single-crop farming company that is eliminated, often be the mode of electronic business affairs with feasible lack.