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What makes search engine sale

One, the definition that searchs engine sale

Search engine sale, it is the interpreter of English Search Engine Marketing, abbreviation is SEM. Simple for, search engine sale is based on the network sale that searchs engine platform namely, use people to depend on and use a convention of engine to the search, pass sale information cause client as far as possible when people retrieves information. Search engine sale goes after top sexual price to compare, with the smallest investment, obtain the biggest visit that comes from search engine to measure, produce commercial value.

2, the value that searchs engine sale

The mainest job that searchs engine sale is to enlarge search engine the proportion in sale business, through undertaking to the website engine is optimized searching, more potential clients that dig an enterprise, help enterprise implementation is taller change rate.

At present search engine sale basically has 3 kinds of kind, it is advertisement of rank paying fee, key word and SEO respectively (search engine is optimized) . Because search engine sale is accurate sale of a kind of energy, have better effect compared with other network ad, get all the time so the favour of the enterprise. In the past, the enterprise is the most commonly used is rank paying fee and key word advertisement, but expose ceaselessly as rank paying fee and corrupt practice of key word advertising, and the advantage of SEO got more and more enterprises are agreed with, those who become them is new bestow favor on.

1, accord with an user to browse a habit, the effect is better

Generally speaking, the user is to browse and seldom click the key word advertisement on the right side of search engine, effects of such key word advertising can be imagined. According to statistic, the user of 95% above will be first browse and click the retrieval with search left engine result, and left it is groovy result. In domestic netizen, expend join to having repellent action to searching the paying of the groovy result of engine retrieval. And, contest price ranks develop the seat finite. Look forward to wins sale, offer for the enterprise one-stop network sale adviser serves, help enterprise gains broader market. According to statistic, 70% right-and-left users are searching the home page of the result to search the information that he need directly, and the user that enters the 2nd page is occupied only 20% , the user place that enters the 3rd page occupies scale to be less than 5% . Contest price rank is in the first page, the result of contest price makes much business cannot be discharged because of the reason of the price in home page, make this part business very hard achieve favorable use result through contest price advertisement.

2, search flow is larger, discharge origin not be confined to is main keyword, and identical keyword investment cost is lower

To paying cost is ranked and key word advertisement is begun in the light of main keyword, the flow that these main key word bring may be very large, but however oversight the discharge that other keyword brings, and the company that ranks to making contest price, the natural rank of its website is searched the likelihood engine is deleted, such doing, search engine to make contest price to forcing the enterprise is depended on for a long time namely. Pass SEO, can make main keyword is searching engine platoon to get good name nevertheless, also make the name that other keywords discharge weller, in all discharge of a lot of enterprise websites, the platoon is advanced the discharge that 10 main key word brings does not exceed 50% , the others the discharge of 50% above is to pass thousands of key word place brings.

Collect fees in key word respect, contest price collects fees by the visit frequency of the keyword, and SEO product adopts a package year charge, the price of the keyword is a standard according to the price lowest line of result of price of home page contest, according to the technology difficult easy degree, establish a lower price level. Contest price advertisement can be installed everyday ad budget, exceed budgetary criterion advertisement to be not shown; Regulation is to be able to help a company it seems that managing cost, but this is to build cooperate potentially in sacrifice on the foundation of the opportunity. Optimize won’t be restricted by this one regulation, the website links hour above show.

The competition inside the industry also can make you rapid inside very short time raise cost. And the website is optimized nonexistent this one element. Citing: If you once had done advertisement of price of key word contest to rank, you may have had such experience: Last month, advertisement platoon is in on the right side of the first bade needs 0.8 yuan only, had wanted to raise 4.5 yuan now. This means advertisement every are clicked 1 times need costs 4.5 yuan.

3, can make website whole gets optimizing, website weight is able to rise

Rank paying fee and key word advertisement are optimized to integral website be without, prep let alone increases website weight, SEO carries the element such as content of layout of structure of pair of website functions, website, webpage, website optimize, make whole website gets optimizing thereby, increase website weight greatly thereby.

4, avoid ill will effectively to click, reduce invalid expenditure

The is born as pattern of business of search contest value condition that clicks con problem to turn search engine to awkwardness. Click Foren Sics of American market advisory firm released a few days ago in clicking con index to investigate, announce: 2006 the 2nd quarter, search engine advertisement is overall clicking con rate is 14.1% , than first quarter 13.7% rise somewhat, and in clicking CPC price to reach the popular keyword of above in 2 dollars every time, click con rate to achieve 20.2% . Result of this one statistic may not include China to search engine market, but say according to the personage inside course of study, the ill will that domestic search engine encounters clicks go even farther than of absolutely comparative abroad. Baidu ever was suspected of clicking con case for many times in the center.

Carry the kind of SEO, from go up at all the problem that solved ill will to click, reduce invalid investment, make the advertisement of the enterprise puts in thereby it is better to obtain put in the effect.

5, cover a range more extensive, throw, integrated income

SEO website is optimized search engine in the light of major major, your website gets ranking promotion in Baidu not only, search engine to be like Google, Yahoo greatly each in other at the same time, also can promote your website the rank. And means of advertisement of choice contest price should achieve this one effect to must search engine to sign advertisement agreement with each, this raised huge cost undoubtedly.

6, search engine optimizes a result long-term and effective

To contest price rank, once disuse, website link also disappears with respect to immediateness. And the aggregate index that website SEO can help you raise a webpage, if your link has gotten promotion, continue to maintain what retrorse join counts high quality to increase the maintenance with content, your left rank can continue to maintain or rise. Unless later period used cogged means and the maintenance that be punished or stops later period.

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