Network sale of 10 ability: Search contest price rank

Rank of search contest price is called PPC normally before, there is a place now not quite accurate. PPC is the abbreviate of Pay Per Click, press namely click every time pay fee. Search engine also begins to offer the contest price that pays fee by the effect to rank now, namely the user is in advertisement advocate the action is completed on the website, criterion advertisement advocate need pays advertisement fee. This action can be to register a member, download software or buy commodity to wait.

Rank of search contest price can appear on two agency normally, one is the search result page that searchs engine itself, another is the website that attends price of search engine contest to rank alliance.

Some advertisement advocate think, the contest price in searching engine result page ranks the effect to had been compared. In the advertisement on other website, because of website itself content quality and click the reason such as more false, the effect is not very good. But also have a lot of ad advocate course statistic discovery, advertisement is released on the website of mercer of other ad hair, the result is OK also and right, how is the key carrying out contest price to rank strategy at you.

Although contest price rank should pay fee, have its distinct advantage however.

Above all what discharge comes is fast. You do not need to spend time to do SEO, also need not spend time to popularize your website. Want to search engine to register ad account only, handed in money to be able to begin contest price. (China has a special case, pass a representative commonly) a few hours in, your website can have flow. This is very efficient sale way to new website.

When need undertakes changing leading a test to the website, contest price rank wants than other sale means advantageous. The website catchword that for instance you think to see two kinds differ is changed which rate is high, carry contest price rank, a few the outcome can know in the hour, need not wait on a few days a few weeks.

Next, searching contest price to rank is the good way of dispersive risk. Those who do SEO know, the discharge risk that from search engine nature the rank comes to is quite big. Without giving thought to your optimize a level how, dou Yongyuan cannot make sure your website discharge keeps smooth, do not know when to can be punished, be removed sb’s name from the rolls even, seal a station.

Contest price rank is the safest sale means, want you to hand in money to be able to come only discharge, this does not have what variable among them. Want you to control rate of good investment pay only so, contest price rank is the easiest control instead, the promotion means of risk lowest.

Rank of search contest price wants to gain a success, the mainest is control good value, dog change rate. Want income to be more than the advertisement cost that the flower goes out only, strategy of contest price rank has profit namely effective.