Network sale does not have tickler: The runaway person that browse

The article is Gu Ge (Google) in the might series lecture that Avinash Kaushik of network analysis Great Master is measuring the first tell. Below current economic environment, this how do a series of lectures make the introduction your network sale scores a success. Pass Avinash Kaushik and other network assayer explain, how do you make full use of the society network data and index, break the code of interpret network sale easily.

Don’t you need to obtain profound doctor’s degree ability to understand your website data not to believe? Now, a lot of free networks analyse a tool, if Gu Ge is analysed (Google Analytics) can simplify these complex data, what did the person that let you understand a visit better do after the website that arrives at you?

These tools most a when one of innovation of cruel provided data of the website that defeat solution for you namely detailed index, through them you can are opposite straight from the shoulder oneself website makes appropriate modification. The might series of the measurement in us the first in telling, we jump out understanding to lead, understand the website that how uses it to promote you and sale.

You often may hear a website or page how much is clicking. Restrospect to 1985, clicked concept represented a page to browse a quantity at that time (the frequency that your webpage is browsed) . But today, you can discover every webpage has very tall hits, this makes this index lost the sense of itself. Although the hits of the page once was very significant level, but we are had now more the performance that development and more detailed index will arrive analyse a webpage.

Jumping out to lead is a very useful index. To the person that the website is visited, it represented such case: I came; I am dizzy; I went. (of course, say from the technology it is representing a page to browse included conversational process amount. ) the number that what amount of the person that visit shows is the website that comes to you, but jump out to lead a meeting to tell you to have how many person among them the site impression to you not beautiful, whats were done (did not click even come down to show respect to the website! ) escaped your site.

Jump out to lead have the following property:

1) its sense is very clear. It represented the website that logs onto you but the number that rejects to click any content!

2) tool of most network analysis can offer this target (the Gu Ge Analytics that includes us) .

3) handy use easily. Jump out to lead which one share that can let you need pair of websites in the understanding inside a hour to undertake what kind of modification.

Now, we are known jump out to lead. If you have Google Analytics account, when login you can see the data that be as follows:

The person that this means the website of about 77% to visit comes to your site, dizzy left. According to this data, you may need to add an oil in a certain place, correct a few problems. Two simple and specific skill are below:

Skill one: Make clear your person that visit comes from where, and the visit person that the site comes to from what jumps out rate is top. You need to turn to discharge origin only (use Google Analytics or other analysis tool) , it is OK to select referenced site next!

Have more than is needed a few seconds, you can know what site is your good friend, and where need has a look deep again. Lead taller origin website through finding out the person that visit to jump out, you can search among them account (activity of website sales promotion, your position that popularizes a link, and advertisement is waited a moment) , the person that undertake modification be visittinged in order to assure next can find the thing that they want to search when the website to you.

Nevertheless, the likelihood that the reader that lets you runs away is sales promotion activity not merely, also may be the problem of that page that the person that visit logs onto. This is derivative next skill:

Skill 2: Enter content option (the mark in Google Analytics) , click forms for reporting statistics of first entry page next:

You are OK to the left each different pages in the website that column sees you, and in right it is corresponding jump out to lead. Remember, the homepage of the website is not decided by you. When people is being searched, search engine can search the most relevant page on the site in you, and the homepage of the person that this is browsed namely. If there is 50 on your website, 000 pages, you have 50, 000 homepages. The forms for reporting statistics above showed 10 pages with your the most undesirable website clearly, so that your person that visit is disinclined to click repeatedly!

Lead through jumping out, have more than is needed a hour, you can discover what website is your good friend, and your what page needs to undertake adjustment. Reduce jump out to lead, the brisk rate that can raise the person that visit to go up in your website not only, the sale that also can allow you is more effective, create higher income thereby.