Network address standardization is newest engine of 3 big searches supports the means of settlement

Core clew: Google, yahoo, microsoft released a new label Canonical Tag jointly, use at solving problem of network address standardization.

Network address standardization is to perplex stationmaster and a question that search engine all the time. According to estimation, the URL that there is 10%-30% on the net is content identical but URL is different non-standard change network address.

This creates a few problems. For instance:

For 1 pair of stationmaster, many URL existence dispersed page weight, go against a rank.

For engine of 2 pairs of searches, waste resource, waste bandwidth.

When 3 searches engine discovers content of many network address is identical, won’t punish, and the network address that can finding out that as far as possible should be standardization. But the program is a program only after all, the likelihood makes mistake, raising the possibility that come out is not that standardization network address that stationmaster wants.

If problem of standardization of the network address on 4 websites is too serious, affect possibly also collect. The domain name with a very not tall weight, the total page figure that can collect is finite. Search engine is collecting resource flower on non-standard network address, the resource that leaves truly different content decreased.

Want to solve URL standardization problem to also have a lot of option, for instance:

1 in Google manager tool setting belt 3W is mixed do not take 3W, which is standardization version

2 use 301 change direction, non-standard change URL to change standardization to URL entirely

3 ensure use CMS system produces standardization network address only

4 ensure all in-house links on the website point to standardization network address

The 5 websites that referring search engine appoint standardization network address entirely in the map

But these methods have limit each.

1Google manager tool does not apply to other search engine

Some 2 stationmaster cannot be done because of some kind of reason 301 change direction

3CMS system does not suffer him to control below major case

4 in-house him links can be controlled, but someone else link does not get control to him website

Anyhow, although the means of settlement is chosen fully, but network address standardization still is a not small issue so far.

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