Netease has the method that promotes flow quickly

Netease has the line on yesterday, when the love of sina asks to exit the market, does Netease have how can you promote flow quickly?

The author thought of the following method:

1, the search wins take large award: Searching award of the under cover in the result

People is using search engine everyday, admittedly Baidu and GOOGLE geometric ratio are more mature, but with much do not have more advantage to oneself, if Netease has,introduce lottery mechanism, so the wins a prize more more probability that the netizen uses is bigger, affirmative meeting attracts pair of very much searches to ask is not very tall user.

2, introduce perpendicular search in great quantities: Make the search door of perpendicular website

Search engine to what just started, affirmation cannot have a lot of kit in that way like Baidu, but never mind, to showing in the market some all sorts of perpendicular kind of website, they have themselves basically inside buy searchs engine, rise these search engine like the polymerization of Hao123, OK very convenient let an user search all sorts of perpendicular kind of information. Compare shopping search website, travel to search a website to wait a moment for example.

3, do individuation to search a portal: The 2 version of Hao123

All alone search engine consummate has homepage of individual of individual character colorific, with distinction of Baidu, Google photograph, attract new user, can install the function that oneself need freely. OK and referenced

4, aggrandizement brand carry does: With the enterprise strong strong brand cooperates

Still be written down so that the brand of Intel and each large computer firm cooperates, advertisement of a lot of computer indicates have embedded Intel processor, the advertisement such as Microsoft is using this kind of means that is united in wedlock with user brand recently, those who promote oneself is famous degree.

Netease has can cooperate with well-known company brand, custom-built have colorific of company brand individual character to search an interface, for example the search engine of ** industry, cooperate through the brand, attract brand client. Searching engine is a tool not only, and still be a brand, baidu \google did not think of this now.