Need not 10 measure that SEO gains a success

We know SEO to stationmaster it is important one lesson, how many metropolis encounters this kind of problem, and " 10 Steps To Success On The Net Without SEO " in one article, the author points out however: SEO (search engine is optimized) outdated let life be disgusted with, if think the site gains a success, what you should forget to be optimized about the page above all is all everything, begin from commutative link however. So, we see the person that regard together below specific those who write is which 10 measure.

The fixed position with reasonable ego and characteristic

Want to be good at choosing the topic that other never has involved, need not search of key word of be enslaved to be enslaved to, also cannot cater to the demand of Google user blindly. Additional, still need to change the point of view that sees a problem, such fields that although comparative,you can discover jam is mature also have new scope of operation, for example guest of my the first rich is about SEO 2.0 topic.

Site of use WordPress erect

Use friendly to searching engine WordPress, OK the trouble that leave out considers a page to optimize these problems. WP can regard Blog as software not only, still can transform it become the small-sized CMS that suits most site, also at the same time leave out XML Sitemaps.

The design releases beautiful pattern plate (CSS is designed)

Main care builds traditional SEO link and get a link, and the site that has become SEO looks very at odds. Nowadays, people is met for your elegant pattern plate become a link with you, and be standardized as a result of what CSS and webpage design, designing an elegant pattern plate is how difficult issue no longer, be opposite especially for the user of use WP. If you design a great pattern plate, so your link may be full the world is.

Add DoFollow plug-in unit to allow an user to cite your article

The flourishing development of rich guest cannot leave the connection between each other, and cite (Trackback) the function joins best among them namely one of means, WP user can realize this function through installing Dofollow plug-in unit.

Use comment and link to strengthen socialization

You can be added in the article the user is linked and mention certain rich guest or its author, the criticism often is shared in the meantime even.

Add social media to use a service

You can increase a few similar or the Tibet of book sign after receiving sth of Stumple Upon serves, but resemble Digg or Reddit such new-style society media, you want careful consideration, because they may procrastinate,break down your server or it is aggravate your expense.

Those who hold to content is former achieve a gender

Remember writing the thing that yourself knows, what hold work is former achieve a gender, and do not duplicate simply from other site stickup come over. Say the thing that a few someone else had not said, is not simple repeat yesterday old hear.

Re-edit is optimized arrange everybody’s hep thing

To everybody’s hep thing, we can found a list to its re-edit, similar most the what of what the list of and so on of 10 big what is best form, and notice 10 big the result that indispensable WordPress plug-in unit wants to compare 200 WordPress plug-in unit is good much.

Share your love to online and communal media

Do not publish work on his rich guest merely, you should learn to be published other above the communal media that with you the theme is close to. Above all, try write a few your be fond of, such what you can discover the user likes is what topic. In that way word, more people link your rich customer.

At least every two days are updated

The content that often updates you can bring stable reader to you group. If be a month sees bout,your rich guest is made newly, do not believe to go out how long can a lot of people forget you. Also do not need to be updated every day however, but remember: Update 3 times at least every week.

If what you see, these are not the theory with very profound what, and you also may have been done a few among them. Actually, without the word of SEO, still can suffer an effect so far.