My SEO plan: All watchs overall situation, notice detail

Before having a holiday, holding osculatory society in the arms to exercise his idea, join self interest and faculty, contacted the company that Suzhou pursues power facilities selling. . The business source of this company before this basically comes from phone and friend introduction, to widen business medium of communication. Company officer wants to undertake searching engine sale. Seek outside partner. So I basically am in charge of searching engine to optimize in that.
Before make one’s bow works, existing to him website undertook an analysis. Discovered a few problems:

1, original website is to use Asp development, all pages are dynamic Url, appear in address column namely? , = , % wait for character. Chilly to searching engine.

2, structure of home page navigation is unsharpness, there is some of column in the website and did not appear in home page. Because home page weight is tall, this is very so influential to the rank.

3, what website Title uses is company name, wasted very good resource.

4, picture link did not have reasonable description.

5, what the model page of commodity uses is frame structure, navigation entry is called with Js, search engine to cannot index.

6, the Meta Keywords of all pages and Meta De***ion label were not written.

7, since the website after finishing, did not do any promotion works.

After deciding above needs optimized detail, I and company officer undertook communicating, knowing the company’s main business is the fast fuse of ABB transducer and series of Xi Menzi 3NE. Affirmatory at that time thought clinchs a deal with these namely generous model and ABB transducer, xi Menzi is fast fuse for main key word. Any works that do should be in the premise that accords with search engine to rank algorithm goes down around these words, let these key word reach better rank place in searching engine! So, in the time of a of after this many month, the key does the work outside the station inside the station around these words.

Be opposite above all optimize inside the station, course and net stand aside send personnel to communicate, establish new website wants to be developed with Css+div. Complete station can generate Html. Website framework optimizes plan to be with mine fiducial.

Add optimize plan:

1, do it from caption part, because caption is the place with whole station highest weight, searching the one part with very large result is the website caption that shows directly. So the caption of every webpage as far as possible different, and want accord with with the content of this page.

2. caption design wants concise, include 3NE at the same time, the key word such as ABB.

3.Mtea Keywords and Meta De***ion pass reasonable constituent language, highlighted key word reasonably and increased key word density. Exemple: Suzhou Xxx major supplies 3NE fast fuse, ABB transducer. It is Xi Menzi fast fuse gold acts as agent, area of ABB transducer Hua Dong one class agent.

Headline of page of 4. website content wants to be highlighted with H1 label. The key word that involves in content, want to useUndertake highlighting. The occurrence of key word should accord with begin, among, terminal order.

Place of every page ending should have 5. the link that returns home page, make sure the spider can have index to complete station.

The key word in 6. article should receive other and relevant page repeatedly, raise search to index be spent related the page in propping up.

7. is reasonable the participial technology that uses Baidu and Gg, the address of website content page wants to name in order to take the phoneticize of key word. For example 3NE-kuai-su-rong-duan-qi.html

After be being optimized inside the station that finish, outside beginning to begin to stand, optimize.

1.Increase the retrorse link of high quality as far as possible, because index there is this principle in propping up in search: From the webpage that high grade webpage is linked and comes, sure also be high grade webpage.

2.When doing friendship to link with other site, want to be text with key word. For example: 3NE fast fuse is high grade act as agent

3.Use the stationmaster tool of Google, the Sitemap that make.

4.Build the Robot.txt that accords with standard grammar, put below website root catalog.

5.Choose Baidu, with dispatch, the site with the newer very tall frequency such as Goole Blog, build oneself rich settle or live in a strange place, update an article, join the website friendship link next.

6.Relevant Bbs accuses to register an account in labour, add this station link in idiograph. Every send a card after, be equivalent to the catenary outside increasing.

Achievement: Supply fast frit of 3NE of 3NE Xi Menzi the keyword such as spot sale can have discharged before 5 in Baidu. Also brought two new clients for the company. Should meet before have better performance.
Summary: A this many month comes, to optimize this website, saw a lot of data make a lot of note. Oneself feel, it is OK that search engine is optimized a word generalizes overall situation of the view that it is all, notice detail.

Note: I am a novice. Big this year 2. Osculatory Seo also is controlled with respect to a month, the article does not have occurrence join, not be AD so. Those who write is bad that wrong perhaps place asks everybody to bear with, the mouth issues show mercy.