My SEO dreams, you?

See a few very extravagant things and the life with extravagant others when me, remember with respect to what can’t help whether I also can free oneself in the heart working destiny and go up too do this live extravagantly? Want to seem to had appeared distant. Distant. .

Still think at first blemish of him in some way (technology. Record of formal schooling. Public relations) and I go to work in the factory early was far from an institute! Seek a technology all the time, let oneself free oneself from now on working destiny. Finally from this asks to do SEO over there the friend very be very popular and very relaxed.

Just began me to look for the electronic book related a lot of SEO on the net, but be a book from heaven,I do not look at all already irritated, good not allow the heart below Yi Jing will see 1 many caution but whats cannot see, still be utterly ignorant. At ordinary times I not very reads a book, think of to be enraged! The waste of TMD my time!

Find some of free tutorial again to the net, looked a few have check and accept to obtain. But boundless a lot of elements that practice discovers to be mentioned inside those free tutorials on the net are right search engine does not have the effect almost, because too much person knows these methods,the likelihood is!

I search the relevant knowledge of SEO later to the net, see the study way with be had better. Searched to still often was not found a long time, when Asp learning before thinking of me later, those who look is video tutorial. Be associated to SEO to also should have video tutorial by me again. (I am clever, with a ha breath out)

Baidu, you know. Old day does not lose an observant and conscientious person, was found by me really. I saw SEO inspects screen tutorial later most those who attract me is he inspects screen tutorial then. Saw what announce on his website try learn a tutorial, the feeling seems to say those I seem to know, and those who tell is very detailed! Say a feeling of moment of old truth inchoate is a bit irritated, because of what tell too fine. Associate again later, because those who go to what foundation just learns there is because those who go to what foundation just learns there is,I learn SEO is not? Is that tutorial frame-up suit me? And still be video tutorial. Study rises should more relaxed! Just began to learn ASP like me same. Those who look is a book. Basically do not know what he is saying. Since seeing video tutorial just suddenly be enlightened!

And a lot of people of SEO know basically is to rely on to carry out, operation, rely on to see electronic book want to acquire when, after wanting to pondered over the content on the book to look even, return so that oneself are operating! The most important is the wasteful and many valuable time in the clump! Of the video tutorial that Mr. Zhang tells no less than roll out what get used to age requirement just about to reflect, since China of tutorial of video of the first SEO roll out home appeared now many copyist if: Tutorial of video of Cao Peng SEO, tutorial of earth SEO video, big prevent SEO video tutorial test and verify of our China imitate big country!

The video tutorial of Mr. Zhang is a bit some more expensive! But balance quite in the heart of what a book from heaven that thinks of to look before a bit! : )

According to most investigation, base pay of personnel of SEO of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai is in commonly 5000-10000 left and right sides, other area is relatively a bit smaller. SEO personnel basically need not record of formal schooling, need to have a technology only, can be in each big company work, sit everyday the office 8 hours, operate computer, live the white-collar’s life, do not need oneself to do sell and promote, need to master search engine to rank research skill only, can win more to go for the company client.

The effort that 3 months pass after learning I also was in my station platoon in front you arrive BAIDU or GOOGLE searchs legend illicit to take a platoon to be in of the 5th is my station. Type hit so much to make an ad head office!