Must not study my rich guest, also do not consider to choose stone

Sent the card of SEO case a few days ago, the friend asks is OK become my SEO rich customer check study.

Just I September 30 rich guest correcting, changed a skin. Artfuller is, when the friend reminds me to search SEO and search engine to optimize in Baidu, my rich guest rank rose from the 2nd page the 3rd, also happen in that a few days. The friend asks this I made the kill that rich guest optimizes again.

To avoid to be opposite the reader produces misdirect, state hereby: Must not regard my rich guest as check study.

Guest of the rich end September changes the skin, because WP2.3 just was released,be, the pattern plate with the original discovery after I upgrade is incompatible, the page does not show, be forced to change present pattern plate so. If not be this reason, I am won’t change cutaneous for SEO.

My this rich guest optimizes a problem without SEO of too much consideration. Present pattern plate chooses to go up also that’s all right is special consideration, used me on daughter rich guest namely the pattern plate of half an year is moved. The rich guest of my daughter is pure look for family, do not have the problem of SEO or promotion completely, actually I hope others sees far from.

Again a pattern plate is above exemple, lift a few simply to should be optimized but the place that did not optimize.

1) RSS subscription pushbutton. Normally the proposal is put in page upside, logo enlarge of yellow is nodded, make a person easy discover, subscribe to easily. The RSS of a pattern plate, I just am put in left in the link of character of a subscription of next horn, search possibly to be not worn carelessly. Present pattern plate is put in top right corner, it is pattern plate so of the design, very good.

2) post headline did not use H label. Normally headline of the post in WP pattern plate can be put in H2 label, the keyword in such post headline can get proper emphasis. My pattern plate, post headline did not use H label, add repeatedly thick do not have. Change actually it is not difficult also to rise, but because of this rich guest the rank goes up also use is not big, also do not have what interest to me, person lazy, also did not mend his ways all the time so.

3) the method that label of rich guest use TAG is a very good aggregate and relevant content. WP2.3 version already function of TAG of provide for oneself, so this new pattern plate can see have TAG this part. But because I am quite lazy, had not added label. Before WP2.3, the user can use plug-in unit to realize TAG function, I also was not added.

These a few are the place that should optimize apparently from SEO angle only, but I was not optimized. So everybody must not regard my rich guest as case will consider to learn.

This also applies to guest of the rich that choose stone and dot stone forum. Also see the card is discussing the rank that choose stone previously why very good, but home page caption connects search engine to optimize or such word does not have SEO.

Tell the truth, if the rich settle or live in a strange place that chooses stone and me has the word of the place that deserves study, : Hold to often achieve content formerly, other it is from this and derive. Estimation rises to because I begin by September,just renew rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit in what Baidu ranks at the beginning of October.

Optimize in specific page on, the guest has guest of the rich that choose stone and my rich to was not optimized, wrong even place. We a few people had never talked this how to optimize the website that choose stone. If abecedarian is optimized according to the practice of guest of these two rich if, very easy go astray.