Method of DZ forum SE0 and skill

Core clew: The SE0 previously has said in the article, rich guest had better be done optimize, forum is done the hardest optimize, the friend that have fun at can read the article of a few SEO that writes before me.

I had said in the SE0 article previously, rich guest had better be done optimize, forum is done the hardest optimize, the friend that have fun at can read the article of a few SEO that writes before me. The forum in station of Yu forest place has ten, besides a place of strategic importance windward weight is tall, individual feeling is other optimize those who do is general. One is program respect, one is forum major content is not to be achieved formerly, the reduplicative on content and Internet is very much, and a lot of He Yulin this keyword is irrespective, cannot get too high rank naturally. But the card perhaps is uncontrollable, can be a program we can try hard again.

At present popular is DZ forum, I say first, my individual still likes ASP program, but DZ also has learned. Share recent study fruit today. I did not do a test personally, because do not have so much time, the method below is theoretic it is possible, practice relies on everybody. Introduce next DZ first. Crossday Discuz! Board, abbreviation Discuz! , DZ calls below me. It is Kang Cheng is achieved want (Beijing) system of a when limited company of science and technology rolls out current community forum software, have very perfect function, strong laden capacity.

Discuz forum present 6.1 version close to at perfect. Bottle is replete stone and sand, we are OK still deck water. Seo is optimized even if detail always is handled yes. Same forum, the hand that takes different person but the effect is different. The Yu that also welcomes wide big use DZ forest stationmaster people discuss together, progress together, disucz optimizes a few experience that are my individual. If be done incorrectly, ask authority criticism points to card.

1, enter tiring-room: Overall situation – name of home page file: ? Shaddock dream? , acquiesce is Index.php here.

2, overall situation – the interface shows – whether open left and right sides divides column: Choose to shut. Enable border fence: ? Xiao puts in order inclined a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides takes the advantage of?forumdisplay.php) to choose border fence 1 here can be called in data in, much setting is called a few times. See an individual need.

3, overall situation – optimize a setting – is search engine optimized – enable Archiver: ?  of  of brighting boundless and indistinct shelters the forum that if be new setup, of  of Fu of  of far  of comfortable fraud of dream of tan of Lang of  of childbirth of the A Chinese-style unlined garment that do not have  takes the advantage of? , construction shuts this function, because be to let search engine to collect,repeat, fall likely the weight) of the website. Does URL static state change: ? Quan  occupies × of wisdom cutting of the feet of С washing with watercolors to rely on static state of  Zuo TML, this pair of Baidu, gu Ge is very friendly!

Is title additional word: ? Cook a meal of grey  of bank of × of a small ingot of gold or silver with a chirp sighs  of bursa of adept of E of  of Quan of  of Jin of which a surname second Lai Muxi of Zan of post Bei of quarrel of one Gou  shows Eta Keywords of  of plinth of ass of Si of  of whencing silk ribbon of paddle blessing  : The draw that crux word is here is decided, english is used among, apart, do not write too much, 1-7 OK. Meta Description: ?  of plutonium of beautiful of danger of Yu Mo  standing tall and upright enters act of  of bone of tip tan1huan4 Song ah  of Kun of Mei Xin of V bits wetting Li repeatedlies unexpectedly ∽ value is troubled by thoroughfaring plinth F to bright IteMap of the Qu that risk Yu.

4, overall situation – forum function – thematic label (does TAG)- enable thematic label (TAG): ? Brighting? home page shows popular ticket (the amount of TAG) : 20. The analytic label in the card (TAG) amount: 3- 10 OK! Inside other, enable RSS.

5, edition piece – : of edition piece brief introduction? An ancient nationality in China of rostellum of shipboard of Juan Lei porcelain is so that Eta Description of Hu of Ba of nobelium of sole  Yu calls. Crux word, write on 1-5 OK.

6, edition piece – stencil management – acquiescent pattern plate covers a department – detail – the code that Header.htm – editor consults the method below will install you. If you are GBK can duplicate directly replace this document.

It is quotative content below:

/ TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd>

/ 1999/xhtml>







{lang Logout}

$_DCOOKIE[‘loginuser’ ]

{lang Activation}

{lang Logout}


{lang Login}

{lang Pm}{lang Pm_new}

Class=current>{lang Memberlist}

Class=current>{lang Search}

Class=current>{lang Tag}


{lang My}

Class=current>{lang Show_mytopics} Class=current>{lang My_permissions}

{lang Memcp}

Class=current>{lang Memcp}

Class=current>{lang Invite}

Class=current>{lang Magics_title}


{lang Statistics}

Class=current>{lang Statistics}


{lang Admincp}

{lang Modcp}

Class=current>{lang Faq}

Page small department shows the copyright of Discuz. I want what to do not have! Because Titile is very important. Must keep concise.

7, tool – is label aggregate – : of indication label polymerization? ? application name: XWhether does the card show: related X forum? ? shows data several: 5.

8, the Post.php file that opens forum to fall with FTP. Search

$subject = Isset($subject) ? Dhtmlspecialchars(censor(trim($subject))) : “;

Instead / / $subject = Isset($subject) ? Dhtmlspecialchars(censor(trim($subject))) : “;

It is to cancel to replace here filter caption. Filter only content.

9, tiring-room – card – card»The term filters. Add a term:

Be like: Website Seo replaces [Color=Red] : Such purpose of website Seo[url][/color] is Tie Li is sent to be able to increase connection automatically on crux word in you, the website that is you increases in-house connection.

Of DZ forum be being optimized basically is these respects, but this is a program only go up optimize, mix I this rich settle or live in a strange place is same, what I can install on the program is more perfect, but had major premise, how to become subject matter, do a keyword, do content, do inside join, join outside, just deserve a consideration. Anyhow, car of program assimilate to, stationmaster is car hand, what you may leave is beautiful, leave possibly also to go in in channel. My rich customer order is ordinary perhaps. I still surmount them in effort all the time.