Meter of skill method that collects afresh is changed after the website is dropped by Baidu K

The domain name that 1. place changes had better not be new register a domain name, if conditional, register a domain name first, next URL transmit arrives a normal site, refer engine next, let Baidu be collected first, can cross period of examine and verify first so, be in next analytic to yours this is come up by the site of K, this such domain names are collected easily, while I am beginning to make a station, also registered a few to reserve domain name, at that time reserve my transmit went to the domain name my advocate domain name, be collected very smoothly at that time, now my advocate rice by K hind, with this analytic come over, collected very smoothly immediately, should stop immediately of course by K domain name analytic, otherwise engine can be judged come out your two rice is a content, such possible still K your. If you do not have this condition really, then you can be in only the 2nd pace is much make great efforts a dot. Still remind everybody so doing a station to start a few to reserve at the same time domain name.

2. content respect is revised as far as possible below, especially the integral layout of the homepage, caption, the position such as certain way name, not 100% with by K before same.

After 3. changes, want to update content continuously, increase a dot to achieve content formerly more as far as possible, although engine can be updated everyday, but those who update is new mostly increasing content, the old content previously, because be in deep-seated catalog, collect so slower, want to cooperate the construction of good website map so.

Close check wants after 4. changed new rice, inside the station (especially homepage) whether the link still arrives by the address of original owner page of K, this must idea, otherwise engine is linked with you likely by the reason K of K page you.

5.If you once had exchanged a link with other sites, after then you change, contact the head of a station that has exchanged before as far as possible, let them change for you address, but want a plan, do not make them all change inside a day, collect after all bad still, catenary increases in great quantities suddenly outside is not what favour, let 5 or so stationmaster change to you everyday below, carry this rate, if was changed, that seeks a few new links, remember maintain link quality.