Means of 301 permanent heavy directional implementation and 302 heavy directional

In our website construction, constant meeting encounters need webpage to weigh directional circumstance: Adjust like the website, if change webpage catalog structure, the webpage is moved a new address, again or, the webpage expands the name is changed, if need to change.php into.Html or.shtml because of application, below this kind of circumstance, if be not done,weigh directional, criterion old address can let visit a client to still can get information of mistake of a 404 pages only in user favorite or search engine database, visit discharge is lost for nothing; Be like again certain the website that registered many domain names, also need to connect overweight and directional the user that lets visit these domain names jumps automatically turn advocate site, etc.

Commonly used serious directional means has: 301 Redirect, 302 Redirect and Meta Fresh:
301 Redirect: 301 delegates are permanent transfer (Permanently Moved) , 301 heavy directional it is the friendly to searching engine best method after the webpage changes an address, if it were not for moves moving case temporarily, suggest to use 301 will do turn location.

302 Redirect: 302 delegates provisionality is transferred (Temporarily Moved) , some more advanced year, many Black Hat SEO ever used this technology extensively cogged, current, engine of each big main search all enhanced blow strength, before resembling Google some year pair of and be opposite of late the penalty of BMW Germany website. Although the website is objective,going up is not Spam, be searched for very easily also engine look easy miscarriage of justice suffers penalty for Spam.

Meta Fresh: This is more popular before 2000, already saw rarely now nevertheless. Its are specific it is the Meta instruction in passing a webpage, heavy after specific time directional to new webpage, if the time of defer is too short (the ) of about 5 seconds, can be judged to be Spam.

301Redirect implementation webpage is heavy directional

IIS server comes true 301 heavy directional

* opens Internet information to serve government implement, in be about to weigh directional webpage or right key is pressed on catalog
* chooses to weigh directional to URL
* is in heavy directional should jump to the input in inputting casing the URL address of the target webpage that turns
Of resource of * pitch on permanent heavy directional (be sure to keep in mind)
* clicks application finally

Apache server comes true 301 heavy directional

Compare for, apache implementation rises should compare IIS much simpler. In Apache, have a very important file.htaccess, pass the setting to it, can realize a lot of powerful functions, 301 heavy directional just among them one of.

Redirect Permanent / / (weighs the content below catalog directional to / )Redirect Permanent /index.php /index.php? Does Go=category_6(weigh webpage Index.php directional to / Index.php? Go=category_6)

In weighing directional parameter through be being configured reasonably criterion expression, can come true more complex match. The friend that have fun at can consult this station Apache manual.

Below PHP 301 heavy directional

< ?
Header(HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently) ;
Header(Location: ) ;

Below ASP 301 heavy directional
<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Response.Status=301 Moved Permanently
Response.AddHeader Location,

Below ASP.NET 301 heavy directional

<script Runat=server>Private Void Page_Load(object Sender, system.EventArgs E)
Response.Status = 301 Moved Permanently;
Response.AddHeader (Location, ) ;

Below ColdFusion 301 heavy directional

<.cfheader Statuscode=301 Statustext=Moved Permanently>
<.cfheader Name=Location Value=>

Old domain name is heavy directional to new domain name
Found file of a.htaccess, and will below offerred code keeps a file inside, it can ensure old domain name all catalog or the webpage jumps correctly turn to new domain name inside.

Remember.htaccess file must be put below the root catalog of old website, and new website should hold identical catalog structure and webpage file with old website

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (. *) /$1 [R=301, l]

Want the modification above to jump into you please the domain name that turns.
In addition, I suggest everybody the exterior link of put together old website, the site with shunt-wound corresponding department is revised guide the URL of chain chain, in order to point to new site.

Attention: The ability on the Linux lead plane that the Apache that.htaccess file has Mod Rewrite module in use installation only regards WEB as the server is effective

Domain name 301 heavy directional the 2 grade domain name to Www

In the article previously I had alluded repeatedly: It is domain name of a below region 2 grade, mix to 2 grade domain name how to choose between one class catalog and website structure is optimized did a detailed analysis, those who have fun at is OK read two articles, website structure is optimized is SEO in the most important.

OK, continue region 301 jump the implementation means that turns to www2 class region:

Found file of a.htaccess, and will below offerred code keeps a file inside, it can ensure all requests that come from pair of change direction to request to undertaking. Remember.htaccess file must be put below the root catalog of old website, and new website should hold identical catalog structure and webpage file with old website

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine OnRewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]Rewriterule ^(. *)$ /$1 [r=301, nc]

Mix the above please revise you to want to jump the domain name that turns.

Attention: The ability on the Linux lead plane that the Apache that.htaccess file has Mod Rewrite module in use installation only regards WEB as the server is effective

301 heavy directional detect tool

After configuration is finished, certain and serious check is looked up correct. Internet has a lot of similar Server Header to check a tool, be like Check Server Headers Tool – HTTP Status Codes Checker

Website 302 heavy directional use undeserved bring about be punished by GOOGLE is the biggest commercial search engine on the net and classified catalog, provide commercial information with major and enjoy negative great reputation, include nearly 190 thousand webpage. If be a keyword to undertake searching in Google with Business, this website ranks the first. Be in nevertheless on September 5, encounters the trouble of an odd: Its home page became PR0 by PR8, and home page cannot be found in Google search result. What be evaporated fortunately is home page only, what rejoice nevertheless is the following day the search result that home page returned Google again, but PR still is 0.

The problem of goes to go up in its heavy directional command. This website lets jump turn, this kind is weighed directional ought be permanent. We know, 301 belong to permanent heavy directional, and 302 belong to provisionality to weigh directional, be in when a website or webpage only 24 use this order to the ability below the 48 circumstances that other position moves temporarily in the hour. But used code of state of HTTP/1.1302 Object Moved erroneously however.

The website is actually heavy directional very general, for example is dissatisfactory original domain name and filed a new domain name; Buy next domain names that are spelled easily by person fault, prevent a client to cannot find a website because of misspelling URL, etc. But, the serious directional condition that because used an error,a lot of people meet however is piled up and destroy the calamity of the station, just like Although their heavy directional reason is sufficient reasonable, however if use undeserved, be considered as possibly to use many domain names to point to same website by accident by Google, so your website can be sealed, accusation is the website rank that uses reduplicative content to disturb Google to search a result. is best lessons drawn from others’ mistakes. Just the website that most use mistake weighs directional parameter does not have so lucky, weigh smally directional make possibly website all one’s previous efforts wasted, can have come from the beginning only: File new domain name afresh, release new website afresh, etc. Remember: Although make the mistake below involuntarily,Google won’t sympathize with anybody absolutely.

Website server answers what the webpage browses a request to run technological process

Let us understand an user first / search engine and website at the beginning alternant flow. When giving out a webpage to browse a request to server of a website when user or search engine, this server will:
1. passes domain name server (the IP address that DNS) is domain name changeover the website, return a client next
2. opens mouth of this IP dowel joint to join
3. writes down next passing to should cover the data of a HTTP of interface to flow
4. receives a HTTP data that answers a plea to flow from WEB server. This data flows include state code, the value that condition piles up is decided by HTTP agreement place. The HTTP data that says here sheds information to also call a head information (Header) . Date included in head information, server type, still can have news of a 200 OK normally. If everything is good, so network server is sent with respect to information of meeting general 200 OK and request page go out. If the website had been built at this time,weigh directional, so the server can be in what a 302 Moved Temporarily or and so on of 301 Moved Permanent include in head information to answer information. All alone engine meets search to make a decision according to the content in server head information.

The website weighs directional note

If 1. prepares the file that gets on the server to move elsewhere when, must inform a search of correctly the creeping program of engine with respect to the following information:
– target address: These files by tend He Fang
– mobile attribute: Carrying away temporarily still is permanent carry away
2. is right the website that has many domain names, the domain name that the expert suggests to should not think those on search engine to popularize is used 301 jump turn the command comes permanent heavy directional.

Ensure the website was carried out correct 301 heavy directional

Apply to true fact 301 heavy directional, a few such methods can consult for everybody:
1. adds 301 heavy directional statements in.htaccess file
2. applies to the user of server of use Unix network. The site file that informs the Spider that searchs engine of you through this instruction is not below here location. This is relatively commonly used method. Form if: Redirect 301 / /
3. is finished in the area of systematic manager configuration of server software 301 heavy directional
Apply to the user of server of use Window network
4. uses Mod_rewrite technology
The change that has through this technology will be reflected in.htaccess file come out, form if:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule ^(. *)$ /$1 [R=permanent, l]

5. is bound calm / alias of domain name of this locality DNS(jumps turn)
If have the limits of authority that has editing modification to record of this locality DNS, want to add a record to be able to solve this problem only.
If do not have this attributive, can ask the website is mandatory service business has corresponding setting to DNS server.
The setting of DNS server
If want to point to, need to should increase an alias to record in DNS service only, can write into: Aaa IN CNAME.
If need to configure many fictitious domain name, can write into: * IN CNAME.
Such but will all the with ending record that did not set is weighed entirely directional to on.
6. comes true with ASP/PHP 301 heavy directional:
Code above had introduced

The view of Dan Thies of senior SEO expert and proposal

The problem Dan Thies that encounters to place has experience greatly, because he also has had similar lot. There is a member to dog on his website script, among them the site of a member goes to this to dog through 302 commands map script, and this dogs script is to pass 302 map to arrive his homepage. Should undertake searching with Keyword Research in Google, his homepage rank is advanced 10, however the network address that what the address shows is that member however. The result makes he finds both funny and annoying: The person that visit searchs the website that enters him as a result through Google, and he must measure that member to pay reward for these visits however! He prohibits with Robots.txt file later Spiders dogs the member that visits him dogs script just calculates solved a problem.
To, dan Thies thinks: At present Google is in the 302 problems with still exist particular on directional processing again, but do not state Google does not allow 302 heavy directional. was not sealed or suffer penalty, they just returned an error answer.
Dan Thies proposal: If was used,dog URL/ script, the person that must allow a visit again is heavy directional land to some page, must prohibit in Robots.txt file so Spiders goes visitting the 2nd to weigh directional. If do not have,to dogging URL/ script undertakes weighing directional, is the content that gets on another URL gives only duplicate come over, should prohibit in Robots.txt file so Spiders goes visitting dog URL, repeat because of content in case and search engine to punish.

301 heavy directional experience talk

A many domain name stands advocate of experience talk:
I have a website only, advocate the domain name is, in addition still such as,, waits add up to ten domain names. All these sub domain names map arrives, and of correspondence of all domain name is same an IP address. As a result of in fact I have a site only, a site can corresponding file of a.htaccess, file of apparent cannot direct modification.htaccess will come true heavy directional. I adopted following measure:
A. Come out independently from, let it become a on the server common and independent website.
B. Found file of text of a.htaccess for, install heavy directional code to be in the file:
Redirect Permanent / /
Upload the.htaccess file after revising to be in a server again.
This one pace also can be finished in domain name Control Panel.
C. Enter domain name Control Panel, will all bind the domain name that goes up to surely to be released from so, bind afresh next decide Come so, what the domain name that these are tied to decide uses is the.htaccess file of, also mean them consequently by permanent heavy directional arrive on Good, success! So easy!