Matt Cutts talks about exterior link

One, Matt Cutts thinks, nice exterior link can endure the exterior link of time trial namely. Normally such link gives of one’s own accord. The person of the link gives out when the link, contain editor and voting flavor actually.

2, link bait case: Employee of Zappos company employment, groom after 9 weeks, always want to exit, send 1000 money. This is their policy. The staff that they mean is those are interested truly only, want to stay truly. They aux would rather the person that does not want those is willing that take 1000 money to leave. This is a very individual client service policy, and this policy brought a lot of links to them.

3, link bait case: Danny Sullivan once spent time experiment Hotmail, gmail and Yahoo mailbox detect the ability of rubbish mail. He goes to all mail transmit these 3 mailbox, the accuracy rate of the rubbish mail that computation is detected. He dogged continuously conclude after a few weeks, gmail held back 394 rubbish, lead successfully 98% .

4, link bait still can be distinctive resource, lexical term list, special service, drive source product, plug-in unit of red fox browser is waited a moment.

5, the website that runs to sell two handcart than consistent individual, he may develop the red fox plug-in unit that with two handcart it doesn’t matter concerns one. Such link is not an especially strong link, because do not have dependency. What Google needs is the red fox plug-in unit related to two handcart link two handcart website.

6, to link bait, the more related to the theme, the more useful. The link bait with tall dependency links a character the target keyword with you is normally more relevant also.

7, Matt Cutts says clearly, employ adviser helps you enter Digg home page, what you pay cost to get is not link paying fee, the fee that you pay is for originality. To Google, this can be accepted completely, be not considered as to pay cost the link.

8, link bait case: One massages doctor David Klein, as gregarious as a lot of people on WordCamp congress, asked these the person’s full name, website and want to do what thing most, write these on a bat, take a picture accept as a souvenir, drew the cartoon that gives priority to a problem with the issue that they consider to do most severally designedly for these people next. David Klein gives someone else the picture, stick on oneself rich guest. The person that is drawn normally very glad be willing to tell everybody, the rich customer that links David Klein goes up.

9, tool bait is good it is bad, a few issues that want a consideration include, whether is the link hidden? Whether can be the picture clicked? In the code that whether is concealed in NoScript and so on linking? This is bad thing to the user.

10, Matt Cutts does not have too clear answer, like just saying tool bait and bait of other and common link, the requirement of Google is to put the person of the link to must know there is a link in code, know where to link, so the link is to contain an editor voting meaning. If somebody is,put the tool that contains a link, and the link that he knows to one points to rubbish website far from, what Google does not want this.

11, still can judge quality through linking a target, the link is that website that provides to development coolie repeatedly, still link the tripartite website that has nothing to do completely to? This also is mixed whether to have connection related to the theme. Because link,meaning this probably to tripartite is a link that sell or pays fee. Point to the link of tripartite, be detected very easily.

12, link character also is an element. If link character is website name only, this is mixed the link of accumulation key word is different. The bag in still having small tool contains how many link. If one pile a link, too beyond the mark.

13, what so Google hopes is, the user understands the link in the tool adequately, idealer is to still have dependency (Google ranks algorithmic key) .

14, mention mutually beneficial to link then (exchange is linked) . A characteristic that Google big daddy updates is, reduce the value that mutually beneficial links considerably, cross much mutually beneficial link especially.

15, but those who want an attention is, mutually beneficial link can be in only the website holds one share in exterior link entirely, completely exchange comes to all and exterior link that cannot become a website.

16, the quality guideline that they once adapted before long before Matt Cutts mentions Google. What write previously is to let stationmaster avoid mutually beneficial link, changed to want to avoid link of excessive mutually beneficial later. Resemble Google catalog, yahoo catalog, there can be the case of mutual link between these two catalog for certain. Come from some kind of meaning say, there is mutually beneficial link between Google and Yahoo. It is very normal when mutually beneficial link is so abiogenesis.

Seventeen, what link of excessive mutually beneficial points to is whole website exterior link is mutually beneficial link partly greatly very.

18, Matt Cutts still mentions, exchange the website that need not put full attention in authoritative sex when the link, and oversight those small websites. The efficiency of the link had been head and shoulders above the definition at the beginning of PR be worthwhile now. Want an user to feel useful only, the link goes, it is helpful to the rank.

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