Market of the search inside the station below search engine fractionize has how old

Chinese Internet development comes 20 years, the portal website such as Cong Yahu, sina, Netease, Sohu holds the situation of most country, let a hundred flowers blossom to nowadays, large quantities of one outstanding website horizontal strokes such as thunder of Tecent, Baidu, fast are born for nothing even the latercomers surpass the formers, be opposite from Everyman of Internet unfamiliar, to the more than 200000000 netizens of nowadays, the importance in people life and development foreground see Internet one spot.

Of course, as Internet industry more and more swift and violent development, search the position of engine amid and made contribution, it is all in all and cannot intersected. Search index props up splitting inquiry, the information on will all website is arranged offer up a sacrifice in a platform the netizen is used, the information that makes people finds need on Internet is more convenient. Nowadays, the engine of a few searches such as search of dog of Baidu, Gu Ge, Yahoo, search, search is almost regnant country is whole search engine market, want again horizontal inside insert one foot, that is to go up hard undoubtedly blue sky.

But people discovery, although the information content of search engine is big, but because information content is big,be, make people cannot inquire the information that needs to oneself well and truly more quickly, appeared then perpendicular search. Perpendicular search is a kind of new search engine serves mode, it is passed in the light of some the has fair value information that specific requirement provides specific crowd or some mixes specific domain, some relevant service, traditional search engine does not have the information of foreword in great quantities, perpendicular search engine is more dedicated, specific with development.

Home searchs service business army commander to search chief Lan Ping to introduce to reporter figure ground inside famous station, the search index such as the Gu Ge of the tradition, Baidu is propped up, resemble a pyramid, from the most topmost one is nodded, ferret comes below much information, and perpendicular search, just resembles the pyramid of a handstand, it is the information from magnanimity in the center, find the lower end to need most, most one that when accord with a requirement or a few information, say so, perpendicular search is traditional search engine strong complementary, it made up for a tradition to search the requirement of engine short of and important or urgent business. To certain trade public figure, perpendicular search engine can satisfy their need more than traditional search engine.

Perpendicular search index props up the content that searchs, originate commonly the industry website of specific aim and oneself website, say well and truly, perpendicular search is the fractionize of traditional search, a general concept, more incorporate. Fractionize, talent is professional, ability goes weller, farther, this is nowadays the inevitable tendency that the industry grows.

Lan Ping says the chief that army commander searchs, search the information of oneself website, search inside the station namely, if choose way of traditional and perpendicular search, outside removing cost factor, still have 3 big disadvantage. One of searches are being updated on very slow, need newlier to undertake new capture to the website every time. The search that is based on a spider secondly has caustic website property very much, because search software to undertake reading extraction to URL of website one by one in successive loop, cause a network badly to jam, regular user cannot be visited. Cannot undertake be changinged subtly classified searching to the data inside this website thirdly (the essence that classifies like the website allows to change, time interval, the search such as price interval) . And system of the search inside army commander station solves problem of the search inside the station in the round, the search does not take up network bandwidth, monitoring of the fact when new data, when reality is newer, the data inside the station classifies a search to wait, a brand-new solution is searched inside station of can yet be regarded as.

The expert that searchs according to concerning a technique is told, because website structure is unreasonable,wait for a few objective reasons, the Internet news of half above is general the search does not come out such search index props up Gu Ge, Baidu, and the search inside brand-new station, can be combed better and dig these webpages and information greatly, the person that lets more easily need these information is found. Compare like a value the sedan of 1 million, even if horse power is again great, had opened a brook that does not have the bridge very hard also, and a very ordinary simple sheepskin raft goes easily thither.

Lan Ping says, more figure ground says, search information resembles look for a partner in marriage, with traditional search engine searchs the information on oneself website, be be chosen in boundless and indistinct sea of faces your favorite that individual, very few somebody knows which is the person that you should seek at a draught, and with the search inside the station, old like the month, can let two people having a reason pull a hand to be together.

Overall look, as the development with perpendicular swift and violent search, the search inside the station, should be the fractionize market that latent capacity has extremely together inside search engine domain, what hold market share, also be sure bigger and bigger.