Many keywords rank always is a litre of problem analysis that falls

When the website is optimized, via often can encountering a client the requirement optimizes two even the circumstance of two above keyword. Optimizing personnel not less to feel this wants is a lot of more difficult than optimizing a keyword only. But paper a mouth to raise the home, again difficult sheet also should be received is not. Good, time is not much, etc below even busy other actor chemical industry are made, cut subject rapidly.

Often see on forum of a few SEO somebody will be right optimized many keywords, always can appear on the rank one rises, another criterion the problem that 90% meetings drop feels indissoluble. See the explanation of the person that the reply solves, unexpectedly of be exactly the same consider as Baidu (this problem basically is appear on Baidu, so Baidu of give a lecture) problem, it is very normal to say Baidu ranks occurrence float.

But I however not so think, if the rank of a keyword rises, the frequency that the rank of another keyword appears with respect to descendent circumstance is less, it is normal to be reason end be reason end also justifiable. But if this kind of circumstance is regular,appear, and still many people are encountered, that is apparently abnormal. Myself is as follows to the analysis of this kind of circumstance.

Assume we have a website to want to optimize now, among them the keyword that the client asks to optimize seams canal and artesian well canal to not have. I think, make in your actor chemical industry in increase as what concern the content that does not have the keyword that seam a canal, and the addition of the seams a canal in order to not have to be anchorage text link in exterior link, baidu can seam tubal keyword with notting have as your website advocate keyword, so canal of another keyword artesian well is thought deputy keyword. The keyword is more than artesian well to be in charge of a keyword without the weight nature that seams a canal.

Accordingly, what Baidu can think your website basically is involved is with the content that concerns without the keyword that seam a canal, the website that that Baidu can be you calls minute of position with deciding you in having the industry that seam a canal, decide your rank thereby. Optimize the job still continueing, when imperceptible in of the content that provides a keyword about artesian well increase, and of the is anchorage text in order to get well casing link in exterior link increase gradually redundant when having those who seam a canal, baidu can think artesian well is in charge of a keyword to be your website again advocate keyword, undertake intermodulation without the weight that seams canal and artesian well canal. Because involve the thing such as the catenary outside getting the content of well casing to reach,also increased, the rank that gets well casing so can rise naturally. And although involve the catenary outside having those who seam a canal and content,also increase somewhat than before, but because of its gross is in charge of less at artesian well, and its weight also dropped, so its rank can give now to fall, because because of,its weight drops,the fall that ranks without the keyword that seam a canal that is to say basically is its.

Of course, also many people can say these two keys this I am optimized at the same time, increase in content, catenary increases outside on, the amount of two keywords is same, impossible a many little. What actually only you think this, calculate content as much, but collect a circumstance however may not is same, although collect an amount euqally much, but search engine considers as effective outside the amount of catenary however may not is euqally much. (