Make SEO job more effective talk about form of 5 different and exterior links

Core clew: We expended a lot of moment very big energy will establish exterior link however effects is very small, does the reason where? To analyse a reason, above all I do next specifications to the link means with commonly used now place.

I basically work in the light of SEO here medium link is built talk, because this part job is,puzzle the chief difficult problem of personnel of a lot of SEO and stationmaster.

1, friendship link

This method estimation is stationmaster and promotion personnel use one of the most extensive means, very effective before, search engine now nevertheless already unlike is linked to mutual beneficial in that way so was interested, matt Cutts is accepting the United States when the program of the interview is interviewed now, had said, google prefers the sort of one-way link now, it is people sends your bill actively, is not change a ticket with the ticket.

2, classify catalog

The friend that becomes domestic promotion may be opposite this is not to be very interested, come domestic classification does not have make good, non-standard also, not quite good search; 2 come home is need mutually beneficial commonly, even if a very small rubbish stands to need you to hang his link first,qualified application joins ability, and to those fame is classified greatly or network address stands at the same time the site gets very hard affiliation.

But the friend that becomes foreign promotion may be right classification is more familiar, because foreign individual event is not little, even if is mutually beneficial successful rate is higher than home also many, how much is at the same time classified station of abroad compares a standard to use some format to be searched (it is Seo personnel more very among them those who build) , but the weight that classifies now resembles no longer so tall before, although Google did not say to reduce classified weight, but pass concrete analysis, the word of Google has some of time also do not deserve credit so.

3, search engine is landed

This kind of comparison that will do with software is much, for instance entry an army suddenly appearing from nowhere of home (those who be interested is OK click download) etc, be being rectified is engine of hundreds of searches, actually the effect is almost 0, before passing however a lot of primary users are being used, some people are calculating this logic, even if come to me,one searchs engine one day 10, 20 IP hundreds of not little also, the search engine that actual condition is 95% above is a discharge cannot be brought to you, your job is so main it is to waste. Additionally a lot of still login for many times, have certain negative effect to site oneself so. It is OK to collect a problem about solving reference is written be collected the member that the problem perplexes

4, link paying fee

General industry introduces link paying fee not much, but to some this became the industry basically to must be done, although Google is right this penalty is more severe, but to the search of Baidu and so on of home engine gets effective still is quite fast.

5, leave a message (extensive)

Use leave a message purely of this program it is some of company station almost, leave a message nevertheless this the result is early bad, so very much now convert the comment leaves a message, include station of rich guest, news, forum to wait, this kind of kind is possible, but if you are to raise a rank only, you must see others add Nofollow label to do not have, otherwise your job may is aimed at is to be done in vain for Google.

Above is a few kinds of commonner links establish pattern only, a lot of have not list come, for instance station of rich guest, article, Digg because of here my advocate if it were not for discusses how to establish a link, discuss how to make link job more effective however (more meticulous can consult 101 methods that add retrorse link)

I put forward this purpose to just want to remind us to become the friend of the link, when the means that perhaps we use now already was passed or the effect has been reduced (Google algorithm changed last year 400 for many times) , and we still are in however immerse oneself in hardworking, if we can be much,stationary point time widens his eye shot, time of much stationary point thinks, perhaps efficiency can rise many. Also hope more friends are participated in at the same time discuss how to establish a link efficiently, what what actually you think a lot of time is not certain get used to oneself, the likelihood suits others, conversely the means that others provides may help him.